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Charterhouse School Overview

Charterhouse School, established in 1611, is an eminent independent boarding school, transitioning to full coeducation. Known for its rich history and commitment to academic excellence, the school offers a dynamic and supportive learning environment. The Sixth Form at Charterhouse, for 16+ entry, provides students with an enriching educational experience, preparing them for university and beyond.

Charterhouse School 16+ Application Process & Interview Format

Sixth Form Entry: Charterhouse offers places at 16+ for both boys and girls, marking the transition into A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB), or Pre-U programs. The school seeks students with strong academic backgrounds and a passion for learning.

Assessment and Selection: Applicants for 16+ entry undergo assessments in their chosen subjects. These assessments are designed to gauge the student’s academic capabilities and suitability for the school’s challenging curriculum. The subjects chosen for assessment typically align with the student’s intended A-Level or IB subjects. The interview at Charterhouse is an integral part of the selection process. It aims to understand the candidate’s academic interests, personal achievements, extracurricular activities, and reasons for choosing Charterhouse. Interviews often include subject-specific discussions, gauging the candidate’s depth of knowledge and passion for their chosen field of study.

The application process for 16+ entry begins well in advance of the academic year. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early, with the school providing clear deadlines for application submission, assessment, and interviews. Charterhouse values a well-rounded student profile. Candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their involvement in extracurricular activities, whether in sports, the arts, community service, or other areas, showcasing their ability to contribute to the school’s vibrant community.

Applicants are expected to have a strong academic record. Charterhouse looks for students who have demonstrated excellence in their previous studies and have the potential to thrive in the school’s academically rigorous environment.

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Charterhouse 16+ Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to join Charterhouse?

I am eager to join Charterhouse because of its rich history and modern educational approach. Founded in 1611 by Thomas Sutton, one of the wealthiest men in Jacobean England, Charterhouse has a legacy of combining tradition with innovation. The move from London to Godalming in 1872 and the continuous development of its campus reflect the school’s commitment to providing the best learning environment. The school’s emphasis on nurturing qualities like independent thinking, as shown in its history with Robert Brooke, aligns with my educational aspirations. The vast array of facilities, including the new Science and Mathematics Centre and the commitment to a co-educational environment, demonstrates Charterhouse’s dedication to holistic and inclusive education. I am drawn to the idea of contributing to and benefiting from such a dynamic and historically rich educational setting.

What do you know about the history of Charterhouse?

Charterhouse has a distinguished history, beginning in 1611 with its foundation by Thomas Sutton. Initially located near Smithfield in London, the school was established alongside a hospital for pensioners in buildings that previously housed a Carthusian monastery. This historic link is reflected in pupils being referred to as Carthusians. The school has a resilient past, evidenced by events like the dismissal of royalist Headmaster Robert Brooke by Cromwell. The relocation to Godalming in 1872 under Headmaster William Haig Brown marked a significant evolution, expanding the school and fostering a conducive learning environment. Charterhouse’s impressive chapel, a war memorial designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, adds to its rich heritage. The school’s ongoing development, including the addition of modern facilities and the transition to co-education, showcases its ability to honour its past while adapting to contemporary educational needs.

How do you see yourself contributing to the diverse and dynamic community at Charterhouse?

At Charterhouse, I see myself actively contributing to the school’s diverse and dynamic community through both academic and extracurricular involvement. My strong interest in history and architecture would lead me to deeply appreciate and engage with the school’s historic campus and traditions. Academically, I am excited to use and contribute to the state-of-the-art facilities like the Science and Mathematics Centre. Beyond academics, I look forward to participating in the arts and sports programs, perhaps contributing to the school’s theatre productions or athletic teams. My commitment to community service aligns with Charterhouse’s ethos of social responsibility, and I am keen on participating in initiatives that give back to the wider community. I believe in the power of a diverse community to enrich learning experiences, and I am eager to share my perspectives while learning from others in this vibrant educational environment.

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Charterhouse 16+ Interview Questions and Answers


Intellectual Curiosity and Learning:

  • What subjects or topics outside of the curriculum do you find intellectually stimulating, and why?
  • Can you share an experience where you pursued knowledge independently and what you discovered?
  • How do you approach challenges in your academic journey, and how has this shaped your learning?

Leadership and Character Development:

  • Describe a situation where you demonstrated leadership qualities or took initiative to bring about positive change.
  • How do you handle adversity or setbacks, and what have you learned from such experiences?
  • Share an achievement or accomplishment that reflects your character and values.

Community Involvement and Values:

  • In what ways have you actively contributed to your current school or local community?
  • What values or ethical principles do you hold dear, and how do they influence your decision-making?
  • How do you envision making a meaningful impact within the Charterhouse School community?

Future Aspirations and Personal Growth:

  • What are your long-term academic and personal goals, and how do you see Charterhouse School supporting your journey?

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