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Videos will make up the majority of your CASPer exam. Of 15 scenarios total, five are written and ten will be videos. You must therefore be ready to tackle this type of prompt.

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How to Succeed with Videos

Each video will follow largely the same pattern, and it won’t take you too long to get used to this format. They will be around 90 seconds’ duration, ranging from one minute to two minutes at the most. Each video will typically feature two people, who will be having a conversation on a given issue. They will discuss this issue together, and may at times break the fourth wall – especially at the end, when you may well expect them to turn to you and ask for your thoughts on the problem.

You should ensure that you have a good enough audio setup to clearly hear what is being said throughout the video – be it your laptop speakers or headphones, make sure through your practising that you are able to hear the videos without any issues.

Consider whether taking notes works for you or not – some people will find that writing down one or two keywords that they pick up on during the video is beneficial, others will find that they need to maintain focus completely on the video in order not to miss anything. Find out which tactic works better for you during your practicing.

Try not to focus too much on the acting in the video – some scenarios might seem strange or over the top, and the acting at times might be distracting. Make sure to focus only on the content of what is being said, and any obvious ways that someone is expressing themselves non-verbally (e.g. are they clearly ignoring someone, or are they clearly upset but this has not been noticed). You will need to synthesise what is said and the way in which it is said, if this is obviously supposed to be part of the scenario, in order to make a conclusion on the situation and how to act.

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Tech Problems

If your video doesn’t play or freezes, then take a note of which section of the test it was, and the time when the video froze, in order to communicate this issue to the CASPer team. Try not to focus on the problem too much and instead to push ahead with the rest of the test – the team will understand that tech problems happen and won’t penalise you.

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