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CASPer is beginning to make an impact on the UK, but is far from normal policy for UK Medical Schools – or universities in general – as it stands. They are still reliant on a combination of personal statements, references, aptitude tests like the UCAT and GAMSAT, and of course the MMI – Multiple Mini Interviews. If you are a UK student, the CASPer will only be relevant to you as it stands if you’re applying to two particular medical schools. Multiple other medical schools have tested the CASPer, including Swansea and UCLAN, although neither of these are using it currently. Given the CASPer’s use across the US, it seems likely that other medical schools will at least experiment with the test in coming years.

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Three Counties Medical School

The Three Counties Medical School is a new medical school which will serve the counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, with the campus located in Worcester. As part of its aim to be particularly patient focused, and particularly focused on creating empathetic doctors, it is using the CASPer for all of its applicants. The university explains that ‘all shortlisted applicants for the Three Counties Medical School are required to complete the CSAPer online assessment.’ Its information regarding the CASPer is outdated however, as it is focused on the old CASPer format which finished in 2022.

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KMMS looks to contextualise every applicant – this means that they look to compare you against the average for your school. If you therefore have spent some time out of school, this creates difficulties for them in contextualising you against the average. Therefore, you should expect to sit the CASPer if you are studying for level three qualifications, but KMMS doesn’t have suitable school information for you; if you are studying for level three qualifications which do not have data to contextualise; or if you are a graduate student. As an example of what ‘level three qualifications which do not have any data to contextualise’ might mean – this would be if you are studying for level three qualifications but do not have GCSEs, or there is no public data on your level three qualifications. KMMS will use the CASPer for graduate students as they found that contextualising students against their university choice might bias selection to certain universities, and create difficulties for students attending other universities.

Therefore if you are applying to undergraduate Medicine at KMMS it is highly, highly unlikely that you will have to sit the CASPer. If you are applying as a postgraduate, you will have to sit CASPer.

You would only have to sit CASPer if you are above the provisional UCAT threshold – i.e. the UCAT is used as a first screening tool, and the second screening tool is the CASPer. After you sit CASPer, you must wait for applicants to be ranked, and after this you may be invited to interview.

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