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Misinterpreting the test time is a common issue faced by CASPer applicants – perhaps unsurprising given the number of time zones in North America, and with the test being run by a Canadian company. This can lead to applicants missing their testing window, and thus not receiving a CASPer score.

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The CASPer test is operated by a team from Toronto, Canada. This means that every test time for the US or Canada is in EDT (Eastern Time Zone). Therefore you may find that the test time shown on the CASPer website and the time shown when reserving a test on your CASPer account may not be the same. The test date shown on your account will be adjusted to the time zone that you live in. This means that you must double check the time on your test reservation, and ensure that it is your local time zone, if you do not live in the Eastern Time Zone or Australian Time Zone regions.

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As an example of a student facing this quandary, let’s consider Jean, who lives in Mississippi. Mississippi is in the CST (Central Standard Time Zone) which is one hour behind EST (Eastern Time Zone). Jean’s test is scheduled to take place at 6pm on Friday. Therefore, Jean should expect to take his test at 5pm CST – his local time. If Jean logs into his CASPer account and checks his test reservations page, he should see his upcoming test. The test should be marked as happening at 5pm CST – i.e. it has been adapted to show the correct time for Jean. Clearly, if Jean were to assume that his test would take place at 6pm no matter where he were, then he would miss the test. It stands to reason that all candidates must sit the test at the same time (as it must be monitored) so therefore it is clear that adjustments must be made for time zones.

We advise all students to make a note of the time that they will sit their CASPer in advance, and to double check this time through the CASPer website’s reservation section.

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