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How Is The CASPer Test Scored?

The CASPer is scored by a range of markers, whom CASPer calls ‘raters’. Each will have undergone a training program to prepare them to perform their role. Each rater is trained and instructed to be as objective as possible, and provided with criteria to assess each response. Every response that they rate will be graded using a scale from 1 to 9, with 9 being a superb answer and 1 being an unsatisfactory response. Each of your scenarios (of which there are 15 in the test) will be marked by a separate rater, in order to minimise the potential for one rater to skew results – as you will receive marks from 15 separate individuals, it is thought that each candidate receives a fair overall score. The rater responsible for scoring each scenario will mark each of your three questions within that scenario, and your score will be an average of your performance over the course of the three questions – meaning that if you fail to write a lot for the first question, but cover the second and third questions very well, you can still score a high mark for the section.

The test is scored by a range of reviewers, who may be doctors, medical students, or members of the lay public. They will have undergone a training program to prepare them to score the tests. They are trained to be as objective in their assessment of given criteria as possible. Each CASPer response is graded using a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 being an unsatisfactory response and 9 being a superb response. All three responses to a given prompt are graded by the same scorer, with the score you receive being an average of your ability over the three questions. Each individual section (of three prompts) will be scored by a different marker, meaning that you should have 12 different markers over the course of the entire test. Each marker is given a series of candidate responses to individual scenarios, meaning that their marking should be uniform throughout – meaning that the marking should be as fair as is possible.

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Who Scores The CASPer Test?

The test is scored by CASPer’s raters. The pool of raters is localised with the tests that will be rated, meaning that Canadian raters will rate Canadian healthcare program CASPers, for example. The rating pool is designed to be as diverse as the population that the students will one day serve, and each rater should have some form of interest in the future of the healthcare profession, or in the future of education. Each rater is monitored daily or in real time, with a quality assurance system. There are a range of metrics in place to monitor the raters, such as checking that their mean ratings aren’t too high or too low, that they use the full range of the scale to differentiate applicants, and that they read at a realistic speed. In order to become a rater, each must have submitted a CV, with the CASPer team then looking for relevant experience, healthcare knowledge, their general work experience, and confirmation that they don’t have any connection to medical school applicants. They will then sit a short version of the CASPer to ensure that they have balanced viewpoints that will allow them to rate others. 26% of raters work in healthcare, with the remaining 74% being divided between other fields.

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How Long Do CASPer Results Take To Be Processed?

Results take three weeks to be processed and sent to your chosen schools. This is because CASPer believes that the marking process can take up to three weeks, given that they are using human raters rather than a computer program. You will not receive your results, as the results are still being used in a variety of different ways by schools, meaning that Altus Assessments are unwilling to reveal them at this time. Your result will ‘last’ for one year, meaning that it can be re-distributed to other schools during the same admission cycle, assuming that you are applying for the same type of program. After an admissions cycle is complete, your score will be removed and you must re-sit if you wish to reapply to CASPer schools.

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