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Who Sits the CASPer Test Pharmacy? 

If you’re applying to a Pharmacy program in the US or Canada, you may well have to sit the CASPer as part of your application process. If you’re applying to Pharmacy at Missouri in the USA, you will have to sit the CSP-10101 CASPer: US Professional Health Sciences. If you’re applying to any of the following list of schools in Canada, you will likewise need to sit a CASPer, in this instance the CSP-10201 CASPer: Canadian Professional Health Sciences.

Canadian Schools requiring CASPer for Pharmacy (English):


  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Université de Montréal
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo

If you are intending on applying to a Pharmacy course in French in Canada, you will need to sit the equivalent examination in French: CSP-20206F Sciences de la da santé Niveau 2. This is required for admission to Université de Montréal and Université Laval.

Key Features

You will be able to sit the CASPer Pharmacy test on a wide range of dates throughout the year, despite the relatively small number of schools that currently require you to sit it.

You will need to complete the CASPer Snapshot for certain schools, like the Memorial University of Newfoundland. You should therefore double check with each school that you are intending on applying to, and ensure that you are aware of the Snapshot and how to prepare for it.

Your raters will be drawn from the same country as the program to which you are applying. This means that if you are applying to a US program, you can expect each of your raters to be from the US; if you are applying to a Canadian program they will be Canadian. They should represent a diverse and demographically accurate population group, in line with what you might expect to encounter in your future work as a Pharmacist. They will not all be healthcare professionals nor pharmacists, although all should have and be able to display an interest in healthcare and health education. They will have been assessed and trained before becoming a rater.

Little is available online or from the CASPer team to distinguish this CASPer from other types of the exam. You should therefore follow our general CASPer preparation rules. You should expect this type of exam to feature each of the ten CASPer core attributes: collaboration, communication, empathy, equity, ethics, motivation, problem solving, professionalism, resilience, and self awareness. Each competency will likely be assessed to much the same degree as any other – i.e. do not expect the exam to focus on one area more than another.

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Core Components

The core CASPer exam features 15 situational judgement scenarios, broken down into two sections. There will be ten video scenarios and five text scenarios for you to answer, and each scenario has three questions stemming from it.

In the first section of the exam you will write your answers. There will be 9 scenarios. There are three text-based scenarios and six video scenarios. You have five minutes in total to write your response to the three questions. In the second section you will have to record yourself giving answers via your webcam. You will be given six scenarios, of which two are text based and four are video based. You have one minute to speak your answer to each of the three questions on each scenario. In this section you will have 10 seconds to read the question, as well as a 30 second break between questions. The total exam takes 100-120 minutes, depending on whether you take breaks, with there being an optional 10 minute break between sections and a 5 minute break halfway through the first section.

If you need to sit the Snapshot section as well, you will be able to answer a series of practice Snapshot questions beforehand. Expect the Snapshot questions to be general in nature, typical of a video interview. They are your chance to show your personality to the admissions team. Snapshot will take around ten minutes in total. If you are required to do Snapshot, ensure that you dress professionally for it and avoid wearing bright colours.

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Preparation for the CASPer Test Pharmacy

When preparing for the CASPer Pharmacy Test, follow the general preparation advice on BlackStone’s site. You should give yourself around two months’ total preparation time, and try to book your test towards the end of the summer break, in order to maximise your effective preparation time and avoid clashes. Begin your preparation by thoroughly researching the format and aims of the CASPer exam, before starting to work through practice questions. As you do practice questions, ensure that you compare your answers to our model answers in order to recognise areas in which you are stronger or weaker. Work throughout the two month period on a process that allows you to tackle questions efficiently, and ensure that you have a range of personal experiences prepared. Have others review footage that you record of yourself answering questions for the second section, so that you get objective feedback on how you come across on video.

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