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The CASPer test is made up of 15 scenarios, of which 5 are text based and 10 are video-based. The test is divided into two sections. The first section sees you provide written answers to 9 prompts, while the second section sees you provide a video-recorded answer, using your webcam, to 6 prompts. The test is designed to be completed in one sitting, and it will progress onward whether or not you are able to fill in answers for each question. It is an online exam that can be sat from wherever you are – i.e. you do not need to go to a test centre, and can instead sit the exam from home. Therefore, you must consider whether your laptop (and its webcam) are of a good enough standard, check that your browser will work with the test, and ensure that you have a fast enough and stable enough internet connection to sit the test without facing technical difficulties.

Video Prompts

Each video scenario will first present you with a video clip, normally of around 1 minute to 90 seconds in length, although occasionally slightly longer. You cannot pause the video or rewind it, meaning that paying attention throughout is crucial to success. There are no questions present on screen whilst you watch the video. After you finish watching the video, you will advance onto the three questions for that video prompt.

Text Prompts

Text questions will typically present you with a short (often very short) text prompt, which will lead onto three questions on the prompt. The prompt may be a short scenario, but is commonly a quote or single sentence.

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The Three Questions

Whether you’re answering a video prompt or a text prompt, the format of the three questions will remain the same. Each question will be open-ended. For the first section, you will have five minutes to answer the three questions, and you may spend this five minutes in any way that you please – e.g. you could choose to spend four minutes on one question, divide the five minutes completely equally, etc. Each question will focus on the scenario to an extent, although this may be more or less specific – some questions will ask you questions on your own experiences that will relate less to the prompt. You should read all three questions immediately, in order to avoid repeating yourself, or running out of time through spending too long on easier questions and failing to give yourself adequate time for a tough one. For the second section, in which you record yourself, you will be given one minute to record yourself for each question.


There are two breaks during the CASPer, and each is optional. You can use this time to get a snack, go to the toilet or get a glass of water. We would recommend taking the breaks, and using it to refresh yourself, calm yourself, and get ready for part two. There is a five minute break during the first section and a second ten minute break before the video recorded section.

Technical Problems During the Test

Technical issues are relatively common whilst sitting the CASPer, and should not phase you. You might notice a video freeze or fail to buffer, or it might appear that you could not enter or submit your answers. If this happens, make a note of the issues that you faced and what part of the test that they affected, and report this to the CASPer team.

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You must remain in the field of view of your webcam during the whole test, as each applicant will be monitored to ensure that the person who is supposed to sit the test is indeed the one sitting it – so this includes during the written section. You are permitted to leave the webcam view during the breaks. Your webcam must be working and show a clear picture throughout the test.

An Example Prompt

Here’s an example text prompt to provide an overview of what to expect. Many more can be found in our question bank.

You have written your group’s entire semester presentation, as your two colleagues, who are friends, were absent. They explain that they were both suffering from a bad case of flu, and ask you to help them by pretending that you wrote the presentation together.

How would you approach this scenario?
Why might students find themselves falling behind with work at college?
Have you ever been asked to cover for another student who’s been absent?

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