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The CASPer can be sat at a range of times throughout the year. As an example, if one were applying for Medicine in the US, one would likely be able to sit the exam from around the 7th July to May 4th the next year, with a total of around 30 exam times to choose from in this period. There is a far greater concentration of exam times from July to October than there are throughout the rest of the year, which fits with the application cycle and thus the majority of schools’ application deadlines.

The dates available will depend on three factors – the course that you are applying to, where you are applying to, and the language in which you will sit the exam. There is a helpful tool on CASPer’s website that allows you to enter the colleges that you are applying to, and the program that you have chosen, in order to provide you with the last possible date on which you might sit the exam. It takes into account each school’s distribution deadline.

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However, we would advise against simply sitting the test at the last possible time. Instead, draw inspiration from the way in which CASPer themselves schedule their tests – the summer months are the ‘norm.’ We encourage you to sit the test toward the end of the summer months, if at all possible. This will provide you with the necessary two months’ preparation time – you can revise throughout summer without clashing with other coursework or exams, or having to prioritise other elements of college over your preparation work. We would advise against taking the exam too long after summer, as this will likely lead to clashes with other work or applications, and could also result in preparation fatigue.

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You should bear in mind that if you sit the test early (e.g. at the start of summer) and then realise that you have additional schools that you would like to share your result with, then this is perfectly possible. You can simply distribute the same CASPer score to other schools, and will need only pay the distribution fee again. Note that you do not have to sit multiple CASPer exams in one cycle if you are only applying to one program type in one country – this is not possible.

CASPer results are valid for one admissions cycle only – i.e. if you are reapplying or applying again in another academic year, you must retake the CASPer.

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