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Introduction to the CASPer Test

As the medical school application process evolves, the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer) has become a staple component for admissions in the United States. CASPer evaluates applicants on a spectrum of non-academic attributes and interpersonal skills essential for medical practitioners. For the 2024 application cycle, candidates must be well-informed of the test dates, the associated costs, and the preparation required to succeed in this unique assessment. This article primarily relates to the test for Medicine, although insights can be implied to other courses as well. If you want to know more about the test for Medicine only, you can find more information here.

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CASPer Test Dates for 2024

The CASPer test, conducted online, has set specific dates across the year for medical school applicants. The test is scheduled to commence in May 2024, with dates typically following the pattern established in the previous years. Candidates should note that each test can only be taken once per application cycle, making the choice of test date critical.

  • May 2024: The first test date is likely to fall in early May, with sessions commonly available in the afternoon and evening to accommodate various schedules.
  • June 2024: Multiple test dates are expected, with at least one midday option for those who prefer an earlier start.
  • July 2024: Mid-July dates will likely offer both afternoon and evening sessions.
  • August 2024: As the summer progresses, candidates can anticipate additional dates in the afternoon and evening.
  • September 2024: Early autumn sessions continue, providing further opportunities for applicants to take the test.
  • October 2024: Mid-autumn dates will be among the last opportunities for applicants in this cycle.
  • November 2024 to April 2025: The test dates will span across late autumn and into the following spring, concluding before the new application cycle begins.

Applicants must check the CASPer website to confirm the exact dates for each medical school to which they are applying, as the test dates may vary by institution.

CASPer Test Fees for 2024

The cost for taking the CASPer test has been revised for the 2024 cycle. Medical school applicants can expect to pay $85, which includes seven score distributions to schools. Should applicants wish to send their scores to additional schools, a fee of $16 per school will apply. For applicants to veterinary, dentistry, and other health science programs that require CASPer and/or Duet, the fee is set at $60, which includes one free score distribution and a $16 charge for each subsequent distribution.

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CASPer Test 2024 Preparation

Effective preparation for the CASPer test is crucial and requires a nuanced approach, given its unique format and objectives. The CASPer test, distinct in its structure, involves a blend of video-based and word-based scenarios, each followed by open-ended questions that probe your ethical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and ability to think on your feet.

The first step in your preparation should be to familiarise yourself with the test’s format. The CASPer test is divided into two main sections: a video response section and a typed response section. In the video response section, you’re presented with word-based and video-based scenarios, followed by two questions for each scenario. You have one minute to record a video response for each question. This part tests not just what you say but how you convey your thoughts. Practise recording yourself, paying attention to your delivery, clarity, and the ability to succinctly articulate your response within the time limit. Throughout, you should consider the core competencies.

For the typed response section, you will face three questions for each scenario and have a total of five minutes to type your answers. This section demands quick thinking and efficient writing. Practice typing responses to diverse scenarios within this time frame to build speed and conciseness in your writing.

Another key element of your preparation should be mock tests and practice questions. These help you get accustomed to the test’s pace and style, allowing you to refine your strategies for both sections. Remember, practice is not just about answering questions but doing so within the specific format of the CASPer test. This means getting used to typing out well-considered answers quickly and being comfortable speaking your thoughts in a concise and clear manner on video.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the CASPer test evaluates your judgement and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for a career in medicine. Reflect on your values, experiences, and the ethical principles of the medical profession. This reflective practice will help you provide genuine and thoughtful responses that resonate with your personal experiences and understanding of medical ethics.

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