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The CASPer test price will vary slightly from country to country, although it is never above $40. In general, the CASPer is billed as costing $10, and this price is widely recited by resources across the internet. We might then assume that in Canada, one would therefore pay $10 to sit the test, and an additional $10 for every school that you wish to distribute your test results to.

As an example, as a Canadian sitting the CASPer and needing to send it to three of your schools, you would pay $40 in total – the $10 entrance fee and a total of $30 for the distributions.

However, if one checks the CASPer site, you will receive only the following information under the heading of Casper Dates and Fees: ‘All fees are final, non-refundable, and valid only for the then-current admissions cycle.’ Altus Assessments will not reveal the actual cost of your chosen test until you book it.

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The majority of universities do not acknowledge that the CASPer requires a fee. We therefore cannot provide the exact cost for each country or area. However, looking at one university and course type as an example, we find that Salus University does provide an overview of the cost for its Optometry program. For their program, you must pay a $25 USD fee in order to sit the CASPer test, as well as an additional $12 distribution fee.

Other resources also point to a current cost (as of the 2020-2021 admissions cycle of $12 entry fee and $12 distribution fee, rather than the $10 which has previously been commonly listed.

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Many students will be wondering if their CASPer costs might be covered by fee assistance. In fact, CASPer does automatically provide you with the option of selecting that you receive Fee Assistance Program help. If you select this option, then you will be able to sit the test for free, and distribute to each school for free as well. The CASPer team will then double check your statement with your account information to make sure that it is correct.

In order to receive a free CASPer test, you must be receiving fee assistance from an approved program. At the time of writing, these are: AAMC, AACOMAS, Texas JAMP, and Texas Early Assurance. If you are receiving fee assistance from another source you will not be eligible to have your fees waived as it stands.

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