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Cheating has rarely been highlighted as an issue with the CASPer. This is likely due to two reasons – firstly, the use of the webcam, and secondly the difficulty of cheating in this exam.

The Webcam

Webcams must be used for the entire CASPer test. This is because the CASPer team must be able to run their ‘identity assertion and proctoring methods.’ Essentially, they have to be able to check that the person who registered for the test is also the one who appears to be sitting it – through comparing your registration documents with your appearance, and through asking you to have ID with you – and that they must be able to monitor you throughout your taking of the test. Therefore, your webcam has to be active, uncovered, and facing you directly throughout the entire duration of the test. The only time when you are allowed to leave the webcam’s field of view is during the break halfway through. Additionally, the Altus Assessments team are able to remotely monitor your access to ensure that you are complying with the Terms of Use of the test. They may do this at any time, or from time to time throughout the exam.

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The Difficulties of Cheating

Even if you were to attempt to cheat, doing so would be incredibly difficult. If you were to try to have help in the room with you – or through your earphones – you would face issues. Given that the CASPer provides you with only five minutes in which to write answers to three separate questions, time is already a problem for every candidate. If you were then to also try to understand and assess input from another person while you typed, you would inevitably run out of time or become confused. This is therefore not a reported problem. The alternative way of cheating – having someone else sit the test for you – would clearly be very difficult due to the need to show ID to CASPer. Additionally, because this is a personality test, based on real-world scenarios, finding someone ‘better’ than you to sit the test would be nigh-on impossible.

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In summary, cheating on the CASPer is both incredibly difficult and unlikely to benefit the cheater – focus your attention instead on dealing with the cheating scenarios which you will likely encounter in the test or your preparation for it!

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