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The CASPer originated in Canada, at McMaster University. It is therefore unsurprising that it is used by many schools across Canada as part of the admissions process for their Medicine courses. CASPer stands for Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal characteristics, and is an online test that looks for behavioral tendencies – personal characteristics, abilities and beliefs that might affect your ability to become a professional. It is therefore used as an adjunct to other parts of the admission procedure, like aptitude tests, references and grades. It consists of 15 scenarios, broken down into two sections – 9 prompts where you write, and 6 where you record a video response. Each scenario provides you with three questions, which you must answer within five minutes for written prompts or a minute per question for video recorded questions. The CASPer has been increasingly used in recent years, having only been first used by McMaster for its Medicine admissions in 2010.

Here is a list of the Canadian schools that currently use the CASPer:

Dalhousie University
McGill University
McMaster University
Memorial University Faculty of Medicine
Queen’s University
University of Ottawa
Université de Montréal
Université de Sherbrooke
Université Laval
University of Alberta
University of Manitoba
University of Saskatchewan

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How is CASPer used in Canada?

Different schools will use the test in different ways, and you should therefore check with each school that you apply to as to how it is used. At McMaster, for example, it is thought to make up around a third of the entire assessment process – this will likely be the most it is used. Other schools will use it as part of their ranking, or might impose a cutoff, below which they will not consider applicants. You should therefore look to excel in the test, as it has been found that a good approach to preparing for it can raise your score significantly – potentially meaning the difference between getting an interview at your school of choice and being rejected.

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Will I have to sit the CASPer Multiple Times?

This depends on what you are applying for, and where. If you are applying to a course in French and English, then you will have to sit the CASPer twice, once in each language. If you are applying for multiple course types (e.g. Medicine and Nursing) then you will have to sit the CASPer for each course type. If you are applying to both the US and Canada, then you will have to sit the CASPer once for each country.

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