CASPer Test Bullet Points: Avoid or Use?

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The answer to this question will largely depend on your personal preference. However, we should first consider the team behind CASPer’s stance on the issue. They state that: ‘Our CASPer raters are trained to ignore spelling mistakes as well as accept any typed answer, whether it be in point form, bullet points, or complete sentences as long as it is legible and your response makes sense to the reader.’ They add that as you only have a short period of time to complete each response section, you should focus specifically on content rather than minor spelling mistakes, grammar, or how exactly you express that content – meaning that if you are a slow typer, then using bullet points could be a great idea. Additionally, one of the team behind CASPer – Dr Kelly Dore – actively encouraged the use of bullet points during a CASPer webinar in May 2019. From this we can deduce that bullet points are completely safe to use during the CASPer exam.

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Bullet points will let you rapidly convey a set of ideas without having to use unnecessary phrases and words, especially if you are suggesting what someone might do, or a series of potential pros and cons. Raters will not penalise you for doing this. If you believe that you can express your thoughts better as bullet points, or that you would otherwise struggle to write clearly with the time limit, then we advise that you use them. However, if you are a fast typer or don’t naturally tend towards using bullet points, don’t adjust the way in which you write – you should write in the way that seems most natural for you, as long as you find that this is reliably letting you answer questions without having to be too concerned about the time limit.

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Make sure that you manage to convey a solid argument if necessary, rather than relying too much on bullet points. E.g., for a question that asks for your view on a given topic, summarising your personal viewpoint, then providing a series of bullet points to back it up, could work well – whereas just writing bullet points with no introductory sentences could come across as less thoughtful in this situation.

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