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Accommodations can be made for students with a variety of requirements. Per Acuity Insights, ‘accommodation requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure equal opportunity for all.’

How do I submit an Accommodation Request?

In order to submit an accommodation request, you will need to fill in a specific form that can be found on the Acuity Insights website – both parts 1 and 2, and upload any relevant supporting documents at least three weeks before your CASPer test. You should receive an initial response within one day of submitting your request.

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What are CASPer Accommodations? What principles are followed?

Accommodations are made for disability or functional limitations, and you must be aware that the submission of a request does not guarantee that you will receive an accommodation. Accommodations are a ‘shared responsibility between the applicant and Acuity Insights. Both parties must be equally involved and engaged to effectively provide and implement all necessary accommodations’ and all accommodations will generally require supporting evidence from a qualified professional – e.g. a psychologist, optometrist, audiologist, OT, psychotherapist, or physician. Any accommodations and alterations to the test format are provided free of charge.

What are the most common CASPer Accommodations?

The most common accommodations for CASPer are additional time, the use of assistive software, or the use of assistive personnel. There may be extra accommodations beyond these, and Acuity will work with you to ensure that all requests are catered for. Additional accommodations which will not be considered due to the format and design of the test include separate testing environments (the test is conducted online already), spelling and grammar correcting software (this does not factor into one’s score), calculators or other numerical assistive tech, or any accommodations for slow typing that are not related to a specific condition.

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CASPer Test: Additional Time

Additional time for the CASPer is calculated based on a time multiplier. This means that if you are approved for 2x time, they would be provided with 10 minutes for each typed section’s response page instead of 5 minutes. Additional time is applied to all of the following sections unless otherwise specified:

  • The instruction page presented before entering the video response section
  • All word scenario pages
  • All reflection pages
  • All response pages
  • All optional break pages

Additional time is not applied to:

  • The introduction section of the test
  • The time to watch a video scenario
  • The Casper Practice Test located within an applicant’s Acuity Insights account

CASPer Test: Assistive Software

Assistive software can be either Speech-to-Text (dictation) or Text-to-Speech (reading) and must be explicitly approved by the Acuity Insights team. You will need to procure the correct software and ensure that it works correctly yourself, as Acuity Insights does not use specific testing centres – so your setup and test environment may differ to that of someone else. You are free to use assistive software that is already familiar to you, and you can also use the assistive software with practice tests to ensure that it works. Speech to text software can be used to transcribe your verbal responses into written responses, and can be used for all or part of the test if you are approved. It is not applicable to either Snapshot or Duet. Text-to-Speech software can be used to read out loud typed information, like instructions, prompts, or questions. For approved applicants, this type of software can be used for all or part of the assessments.

CASPer Test: Assistive Personnel

Applicants may be able to use a scribe or reader, in place of assistive software. In this instance, they can be used for all, or part of, the assessments process. Scribes can be used to:
– transcribe a verbal response into a typed response, instead of the applicant typing with a keyboard
– read aloud any typed information, such as instructions, prompts, and questions

However, you must note that scribes or readers cannot be someone that is familiar to you or that could otherwise be used to assist you – which in turn can make it difficult to find a scribe who is likely to be reliable but also fulfil the requirements imposed upon you by Acuity Insights. You can find further information on this through their specific documentation on accommodations.

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