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Many students will wonder if there are entire past papers that they can access, in order to best understand CASPer and prepare for it. However, CASPer has not made any previous exams available to the public, for any of its test types. Additionally, taking notes of the test questions and relaying them to others is forbidden. This raises the question of how one can access practice material for the test.

Firstly, CASPer themselves offer an entire practice test via their website. This can be sat at any time, and as many times as one likes. It features the standard array of eight video prompts and four text prompts, and, like the real test, features time limited sections. You should begin your practice with this test, in order to get to grips with the format and how it works, as well as an overall idea of the type of questions asked. CASPer offer a further four practice questions on their website under the ‘Test Prep’ section – three video scenarios and one word based scenario.

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After you exhaust CASPer’s content, you will need to move onto additional practice questions. The most important part of revision is that your practice is geared towards improving – merely practicing, with no goal in mind, will not help you. Your practice questions must therefore have model answers which you can refer to, in order to check if you are on track. BlackStone offers more than 150 scenarios – 100 written and 50 videos, with more being added all the time. Every scenario has three questions, and every question has a model answer written by a qualified doctor. You should work through these questions and answers over the course of around two months, in order to familiarise yourself with the types of questions and how to approach them.

We advise that you refer back to CASPer’s sample test on their website as you come to the end of your revision, in order to refresh your memory of how the test itself works and be fully ready for the exam.

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As it stands, there is no material available in the public domain from CASPer that might be used to prepare for either Duet or Snapshot. Snapshot therefore will rely largely on general interview preparation techniques, combined with a consideration of the course that you are applying for. Duet will involve studying the program that you are applying to in order to understand its principles.

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