CASPer 2023: Fee Changes

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Acuity Insights is changing the fees for the CASPer test for the 2023-2024 sitting. Here we will cover fees for the test, why changes are being made, fee assistance, and additional distribution of your score to extra programs.

CASPer 2023 Fees

In the most recent available public information, the CASPer test was billed as costing $85 in the US, or $40 in Canada. Fees elsewhere in the world will be a little different, but should be comparable and payable in the local currency. This fee includes distribution to eight different schools, and the fee is inclusive of Duet – in other words, you can be confident that this one off-fee will cover your first eight schools, no matter which components of the test they require. However, you will be required to pay extra if you wish to distribute your scores to additional schools (more on which below). You should be aware that fees are non-refundable, and that they are only valid for the current admissions cycle – in other words, you can’t pay and then carry the test over to the next year if you decide to delay your application. However, the above fees are indicative only, and have likely changed.

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CASPer 2023: Why Have Fees Changed?

According to Acuity Insights, the fees are changing as the company is ‘committed to continuously improving our assessments to facilitate more equitable admissions outcomes and provide applicants with the best possible test experience.’ This purported desire to provide the optimal experience and outcome for students has led to the decision to increase their fees – and this is to an extent understandable, as the test is now rather different to before. For example, the video response section is an understandably more expensive concept than the previous text-only response format, and this coupled with inflation has seemingly led to the decision to increase fees. However, at the time of writing the newly-increased fees are not made clear on the website, and nor can they be found elsewhere on the internet. The company states that ‘we will continue to refine our assessment tools and support research efforts into making admissions processes more equitable for all applicants.’

CASPer 2023: Fee Assistance and Fee Reductions

Luckily, there is some assistance available to those who might struggle with the fees. This is available to US applicants, who can make use of the US-based Fee Assistance Program. It is available for those who, ‘without financial assistance, would be unable to take tests such as Acuity Insights Assessments and the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and apply to programs that use the AACOMAS or CASPA.’ Applicants who are approved by any of the Fee Assistance programs that are honoured by Acuity Insights Assessments will receive access to all of the Acuity Insights Assessments for free, which includes all program distributions for that test type. In other words, you can not only take the test, but also distribute the result to as many programs as you like, without any cost (which otherwise can rapidly become very expensive for other students). You will need to provide proof of your approval when reserving their test. Your fee approval must of course match the type of program that you are applying for. The following programs are accepted by Acuity Insights Assessments: AAMC, AACOMAS, Texas JAMP, Texas Early Assurance.

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What if I want to distribute my score to additional programs?

If you wish to distribute your score to more programs than the original eight, then you can swap out a program in the list for another free of charge – this appears to be the most sensible way of altering your preferences. However, if you cancel distribution to a program, then this is seen as forfeited and you will not be refunded. If you cancel a program then add another, this will be seen as a new request and you will need to pay an additional fee. Every additional school that you need to send your result to – each distribution – will cost $10. It’s therefore not difficult to see how this can quickly become very expensive, especially as more schools start to require that students sit the CASPer. 

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