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General Information

Case Western’s Nursing School runs a wide variety of programs for those looking to study Nursing, whether you are applying to the basic BSN course from high school all the way up to doctorate degrees. You should therefore ensure that you understand the application process for your stream in particular. As an overview, those applying to both the MSN and MN degrees will need to write supplemental essays, with the MSN students writing two essays and the MN students writing one. The essays provide some overview of what kind of student the university is seeking.

Interview Format for Nursing at Case Western

Case Western generally describes its interviews as ‘an opportunity for a student to present themselves and their credentials in a one-on-one environment and… illuminate aspects of their academic background or character.’ Whilst optional, the interview is recommended in order to show yourself in the best light. For Nursing – especially those looking to apply for Masters or Doctorate degrees – you should consider that the interview is likely to be less general than it is for high school students. You should have questions prepared, as Case Western highlights that the interview is a chance for potential students to ask questions as well.

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Key Dates

The Early Decision deadline is November 1st, with students being notified by December 4th. For Regular Decisions the deadline is January 15th and students are notified by Mid-March.

Sample & Recent Interview Questions

We can gather an overview of what kind of question you may be asked by looking at essay topics. For the MSN, we are provided with, ‘reflecting on your career progress and goals, what is your reason for applying to this particular program at this time?’ We are also given, ‘tell the admissions committee something about yourself that is not apparent from your application. Consider describing an event or experience.’ For MN, we are provided with ‘write an essay delineating those life experiences which led you to seek preparation for professional nursing. Include a statement about your understanding of professional nursing practice (at both the RN and advanced practice levels) and, if possible, state your career objectives at this time.’ We should therefore conclude that Case Western looks for students with a clear understanding of the Nursing field, their career within it, and their goals.

​Motivation for Nursing, Understanding of Nursing

  • What first led to you becoming interested in the field of Nursing?
  • What motivates you in your work as a nurse?
  • Why did you decide on being a nurse rather than a doctor?
  • Why did you decide on being a nurse rather than a physician assistant?
  • What area of nursing have you found yourself interested in or practising in until now?
  • What is the state of Nursing in the US at the moment? Do you think that it is a health profession or one that is struggling and in need of change?
  • What do you think will be the most challenging parts of being a nurse?
  • What personal attributes does a good nurse need?
  • What aspect of what you will learn at Case Western is most exciting to you? What are you most looking forward to being able to put into practice?
  • Are you interested in research? Have you undertaken any research projects yourself?
  • How do you think the role of a nurse has changed in the years since 1970 in the USA?
  • How do you think Nursing will change in the next 20 or 30 years?
  • What do you think is the one most crucial problem within healthcare in the USA today?
  • What do you know about COVID-19? Can you describe the issues a government faces when dealing with a pandemic?
  • What are some of the most important challenges to our collective global health?
  • Please tell me a little about the history of Nursing within the US.
  • How are nurses in the USA regulated?
  • Tell me about your practice thus far. OR if you are a high school student applying to BSN, tell me about your work experience so far.
  • What one aspect of Nursing have you found most challenging during either your practice or work experience?
  • What one aspect of Nursing have you found most impressive during either your practice or work experience?
  • Why are you particularly interested in studying at Case Western’s Nursing School?
  • Do you foresee any particular challenges involved in studying Nursing here?

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Career Goals

  • Where do you see Nursing taking you?
  • Are you interested in further education as a nurse?
  • Are you interested in ever obtaining a doctoral degree in Nursing?
  • Have you considered leadership roles within the field of Nursing as a whole?
  • What is your one overarching goal in your professional life? How about in your personal life? Do you think that these goals are aligned?

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Case Western University Nursing Questions

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