Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

Case Western Reserve University receives nearly 9000 applications per year for its Medicine program, conducting almost 1100 interviews as a result (for its total of three Medicine programs). The acceptance rate is 8.41%, with 250 students being enrolled each year.

Interview Format

The university interviews on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students may select their interview dates. The day will consist of both information sessions and interviews, along with a meeting with either the Dean or Director of Admissions. The interviews are traditional, consisting of individual meetings with representatives of the faculty or medical students. The program run by the University uses a rolling admission process, whilst the College program admits at two points in the cycle.

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Key Dates

The earliest date that medical schools will receive verified primary AMCAS applications is June 25th. The latest filing date for consideration of primary applications is November 1st. From July to November the admissions office will invite applicants to complete the secondary application, which must be submitted by December.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
What is the most important quality of a physician?
What is something that surprised you about medicine?
Why did you choose to attend [your undergraduate institution]?
Why do you want to become a physician?
What were the “good” characteristics of the physicians you shadowed?
What’s the most important thing you learned in your clinical/shadowing experiences?
Tell me more about your research.
What do you think about the current health care situation?
Why Case? What did you learn more about today that made a positive impression?
Any particular research interests?
What do you think of the Affordable Care Act?
Where do you see medicine heading in the future?
Medicine is often called a science and an art, how do you think practicing medicine could be considered an art?
You have worked in research for several years, why not get a PhD?
What are some of the challenges you’ll face in becoming a doctor/as a doctor?
What is something that surprised you about medicine?
How did you find out about Case?
I see that you are a co-author on a paper. Walk me through the process of how you go about putting together a paper. Where do you begin? What sections do you write first?

What are some qualities that you believe a physician should possess?
How did you come to medicine?
How did you like the other schools you’ve interviewed with?
Why didn’t you pursue pharma or dental school?
How much shadowing have you done?
How will you manage your time as a medical student?

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Ethical Dilemmas

What would you do if a resident asked you, as a med student, to perform a procedure you thought was medically unnecessary, simply because he or she thought it would be a “good learning experience” for you?
If a family member wanted to receive a nonwestern medical treatment (homeopathy, herbal medicine), how would you handle that/what would you do?

Case/Article Reviews

Communication Stations​
What would you tell a nervous person on a plane to help calm them down?
How would you effectively communicate in a group?
How do you respond to feedback?
What would happen when patients don’t respect you?
What is cultural competency to you?
How would others feel your empathy?
What’s the difference between empathy and sympathy?
Do you know any jokes? Tell me one.

Prioritisation Tasks

Role Plays

Teamwork Tasks
How do you work in group settings?
Do you have experience in a small-group learning environment?
Tell me about a time when you showed leadership.
Tell me about a time when you worked with small groups in an academic setting.


MMI Sales Pitch Station

General / Personal Statements
How would your friends and family describe you?
What is one misconception you think some people have about you?
 If I asked your friend to describe you, how would they describe you?
What’s one thing on your application you think you could have done better?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Why do you want to stay in Cleveland?
What was your biggest challenge in college?
What was your biggest academic achievement in college and what was your biggest personal achievement in college?

What’s something about you not on your application?
What would your friends say they admire about you?
Tell me about your journey to this table today.
Do you have any teaching experience?
What is one prejudice you have overcome?
If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be?
What did you think of the Dean of Admissions?
What are your weaknesses/what do you need to work on?
How do you handle stress?
What is one misconception about you?
Who is your inspiration

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Interview Questions

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