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The Faculty of Medicine of Carol Davila University was established in 1867, meaning that ‘the existing departments of the secondary school of medicine became faculty departments starting with the 1867-1868 academic year’ and the professors holding the title of Doctor Medicine in turn became faculty professors. In 1873 the first PhD thesis defence took place at the Bucharest Faculty of Medicine, and by 1888, 19 were defended. By 1985, the faculty no longer accepted students who didn’t have a baccalaureate diploma, and after 1888 all graduates had to defend a thesis in order to obtain the title of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery.

The university is the first in Romania that has ‘prestige and recognition in the national and international academic environment’ according to their site, and it is considered a leader in Romanian medical education.

With 160 years of expertise behind it, the objective of the school now is to continue its efforts to become an elite university worldwide – one of the top 500 in the world.

The university’s rector states that education must focus on the student, and on a ‘continuous improvement of the education process through modern methods of teaching, correct didactic relations with the students, encouraging initiative, creativity, dialogue and the effective and active involvement of students in the theoretical and practical instructive-educational process. In other words, you should expect not to be spoon-fed information through lectures, but rather to be able to partake in a more modern approach to medical education, with case-based learning, and integrated learning – as one would find in the UK or US, for example.

The Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy has 20 different research centres, allowing for its medical research to be at the forefront of the field. Each different centre focuses on a different field within Medicine, including cardiovascular Medicine, neuroscience, or rheumatic disease. The centres work on both national international levels, and students are able to join in with the research work.

There are various student organisations that allow students here to expand their medical horizons, including the Medical Students’ Society of Bucharest, which is 150 years old. The medical degrees awarded here are recognised across Europe, the UK, the Middle East, the USA, and other territories from which the international student body have arrived. There is also the option to undertake a one year preparatory course in Romanian before starting, ensuring that you are able to integrate into the country.

Tuition fees are 7500 EUR per year.

Carol Davila University of Medicine Interview & Exam Format

The Medicine in English program here does not have an interview or exam for most applicants. Instead, candidates are admitted through ‘a file based competition’ – in other words, your school performance and personal achievements are assessed. Students from the EU, the EEA, and the Swiss Confederation are able to enrol for studies under the same conditions as Romanian citizens. Interestingly, in order to apply, students must come in person to the Foreign Students Office, within the University itself, with their complete file, including their diploma of secondary education.

For those who are unable to provide evidence of ability in English, an English examination (in the form of an interview) is conducted at the Discipline of Modern Languages. This exam costs 400 EUR, and is non-refundable. This is the sole form of assessment used by the university.

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Carol Davila University of Medicine Key Application & Interview Statistics

The acceptance rate is estimated to be around 70%, based on data from comparable institutions – the Carol Davila University of Medicine itself does not publish data on its admissions percentages.

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Carol Davila University of Medicine Past Exam & Interview Questions

As stated, the university does not interview or conduct an entrance exam at this time, other than for those who are unable to provide a suitable certificate in English. For these students, as outlined above, you will be required to sit an interview that assesses your ability in English. 

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