Can you take the CASPer test more than once?

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We must differentiate here between taking the CASPer multiple times for one admission cycle and taking the CASPer multiple times out of necessity.

Can I take the same CASPer Multiple Times?

No. You are not permitted to take a CASPer test of the same type more than once in a given admissions cycle. For example, if you have sat the US Medicine CASPer, you may only sit it once in a given academic year. This is because certain programs use the same CASPer score at multiple points throughout their admissions process. As an example, a given US college might use your CASPer score once as a cut-off, before then using this same score as a part of their round 2 matching process when deciding which students to admit. You can therefore not take this same CASPer again for that admission cycle. However, if you are reapplying to the same course type, then you may retake CASPer. This is because your CASPer result is only valid for one admissions cycle – after this point it will expire and cease to become valid. You may need to take the same test again if you are applying to the same course type in multiple languages (e.g. you are applying to universities in Canada in both French and English for the same course) or if you are applying to the same course in different countries (e.g. you are applying to Medicine in both the US and Canada).

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Can I take multiple types of CASPer exam in one admissions cycle?

Yes. In fact, this may be required. As CASPer produces different tests for different courses, you may have to sit multiple test types within one cycle. Don’t be concerned if this is the case, as it is an eventuality that CASPer is prepared for and aware of, and it will not cause any issues or confusion. You simply must sit both tests (or more, depending on what you are applying for and where) and select the correct distributions for the tests.

In summary, you may sit the CASPer once per admissions cycle for each specific type of CASPer test. You may find that you have to sit multiple types of test per cycle if you are applying to a range of courses, or courses in different languages or countries.

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