Can you study for the CASPer test?

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The team behind CASPer claim that the test cannot be studied for, and that the only preparation one should consider is taking the practice test on their website. However, your presence on this page suggests that you are doubting this claim.

Why Studying is Essential

First, we must consider what studying for the CASPer will entail. It doesn’t mean endlessly revising medical ethics, or having a personal experience for every possible question in your head – it means sensible and directed learning aimed at developing the kind of answers that CASPer expects, and having these become second nature.

The CASPer is essentially a situational judgement test – it features real life scenarios and investigates your thoughts on them, and what you might do. Across the world, there are a huge amount of prep materials for other situational judgement tests. In the UK, for example, all newly-graduated doctors must sit an SJT – and all rely on a vast array of preparatory materials that have a real effect on their performance.

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Indeed, some research has shown a significant improvement in CASPer scores for those that prepare with the help of tutors.

You must also consider how much of test performance is due to your confidence with the test and its format. Those that enter an exam feeling confident, who are clear with the format, and ready to show their ability, will do better than those that enter the exam feeling underprepared. In this most basic of ways, too, it is clear that preparing for CASPer is crucial. You can build out the foundations of a strong performance – understanding the purpose of the test and thus the kind of answers that you are expected to give, knowing how many prompts there will be and what they will likely be on, how long the test takes, how to approach questions and how to improve your typing under pressure – before tackling more preparation.

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What kind of Studying Should I Do?

Beyond the essentials, you should look to prepare through understanding each type of prompt that will be given, and having scenarios prepared for these. These do not need to be exhaustive, but should be malleable enough to cover each domain. You should then practice using a question bank – BlackStone has more than 150 scenarios – and compare your answers to model answers. Then, work on areas that you seem weakest on. Throughout, you should develop an approach to questions that works for you – our approach is included in our resources.

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