Can you drink water during CASPer?

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This question has never been directly answered by the team behind CASPer, meaning that we have to rely on information from previous applicants. Multiple people who have sat the test before report having used a water bottle to drink from, or having had a coffee / snacks in the room with them as they sat the test, and report that they suffered no consequences as a result of this. However, given the way in which the CASPer team describes the break, you would probably be better off avoiding eating or drinking whilst you sit the test. The team describe the break as follows: ‘You are entitled to an optional 10-minute break at the halfway point (after six sections) of your CASPer test. During your break, you can take this time to stretch and relax. As well, please feel free to step out of the view of your webcam to go to the washroom, grab a quick snack/refreshment, and get ready for the second half of your CASPer test.’

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Given that they emphasise that you might wish to get a drink or a snack during the break, it seems safe to assume that they do not think you will be drinking during the test itself. Indeed, this is understandable when you think about the test.

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The test gives you only five minutes per section, and in that five minutes you need to convey as much information as possible. This has led to repeated criticism of the exam, with many labelling it little more than a typing test, where your ability to type quickly is more important than your ability to empathise with others or communicate well. If we consider this, then we should bear in mind that every single second of the test is useful and should be used to do as well as possible – be that typing when possible, trying to take a quick note during a video, or simply thinking as hard as possible about your response whilst watching a video – you should not be trying to eat or drink during the test itself. You need only last half an hour before you will get your break, in which you can eat and drink and refresh yourself, before beginning the next half an hour of the test. Given how important the test could be to your future, don’t waste time eating or drinking during it.

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