Can I wear headphones during the CASPer test?

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We can understand why some people might be concerned that wearing headphones is unacceptable – knowing that you are being monitored on webcam, one might worry about how one looks, or even if the test invigilators think that someone could be speaking to you through the headphones. However, you are allowed to wear headphones / earphones while you sit the test. This should be reassuring to those that are not able to sit the test in a quiet room at home, or don’t have a fast internet connection at home – it means that sitting the test in a busy space like a public library is perfectly possible.

From CASPer’s site, we are told the following: ‘You may use headphones to help you concentrate and/or eliminate background noise. For your test, you will need access to a computer, webcam, and reliable internet connection.’

To confirm the above, we can also look to the following statement from the CASPer team: ‘in order for you to successfully complete the online CASPer test, you will need a computer with a stable internet connection, keyboard, audio output (Speakers or Headphones), and a webcam.’

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Should I Wear Headphones?

We would advise that wearing headphones or earphones is a good strategy for most applicants. Given that of the 12 scenarios eight are video based, being able to clearly hear content will be a huge advantage. Many of the scenarios feature rapid back-and-forth conversation that could be difficult to hear if you are in an environment with background noise, or if your computer’s speakers aren’t particularly good. Therefore, if you have headphones or earphones, wear them.

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Can I Listen to Music During the Test?

There isn’t any advice from CASPer on this topic specifically. However, we would caution that you should not have any other tabs or applications open while sitting the test, both to avoid any possible cheating accusations and to ensure that your computer and internet are both able to run as smoothly as possible throughout the duration of the test. Given CASPer’s reliance on video scenarios, and the effort required to hear and comprehend all the information as it is delivered, it is likely that trying to listen to music at the same time would only prove to be a distraction. Therefore, we would strongly advise against listening to music while sitting the CASPer – you should give the test itself your full and undivided attention.

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