Can I add schools to CASPer later?

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You can add more schools to your CASPer distribution list after you have sat the exam. If you sit the exam and only select one school initially, then you will find that you only have to pay the exam fee and an additional $10 for submitting your scores to that school. You can then over time submit your scores to more schools, at a cost of $10 per school. However, it has been noted by many applicants that some schools will not show up for you to distribute your score to, if you have already sat the test with another school as your selected distribution. In this case, we advise contacting the CASPer team directly, which can be done easily via their website. It appears from anecdotal evidence that in this position the other schools will be added over time, and simply checking back on the website will eventually reveal them over the coming weeks – you just need to be aware of schools’ respective distribution deadlines to make sure that you don’t miss anything. We would advise having a clear list of all schools that you wish to apply to in mind when you first sit CASPer, as this will enable you to use their online tool to find the best date for you. This tool will cross-reference all the schools’ distribution deadlines, then find the latest possible date on which you could sit the test – giving you the maximum time to revise and prepare for the test.

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Can I Remove Schools?

This depends on whether you have sat the test already or not. If you have not yet sat the test, you can message the CASPer applicant support team and ask them to remove a given school from your distribution list. However, if you have already sat the test, then you cannot cancel a distribution – the school will likely have received your score already.

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Can I Swap Programs?

Yes. Assuming that you have not yet sat the test, then you are able to swap any of your selected programs (schools) to another school, free of charge. This can be done by contacting the CASPer support team. You cannot, however, receive a refund for the test after you have paid for it. This is good news for those who wish to book their CASPer early, whilst still finalising their choice of schools.

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