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General Interview Information

Brunel Medical School in London offers a team-based, technology-enhanced 5-year MBBS curriculum, only open to international students as of 2024. Leading scientists and clinicians deliver the curriculum, preparing graduates for further training either in the UK or overseas. The educational, clinical, and professional skills that students gain from Brunel’s innovative teaching approaches equip them for a diverse range of career opportunities in medicine.

Standard Interview Format

Brunel Medical School utilises a Virtual Multiple Mini Interview (vMMI) format for the admission process. Candidates engage in six short interviews, each stationed with a different interviewer. These vMMIs are carried out remotely, with candidates and examiners participating online. Each station is designed to assess a different attribute, blueprinted to Good Medical Practice. The delivery, unlike a physical MMI, involves candidates virtually moving from one online room to another to answer the questions.

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Admissions Statistics

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Before the Interview

Preparing for a vMMI at Brunel involves practising being interviewed online. It’s advisable to practise with friends or family, even recording the session for self-evaluation. The aim is not merely to rehearse and recite information but to express oneself genuinely, articulating the personal motivation for pursuing a career in medicine. Emphasising the importance of honing online communication skills, Brunel recommends research and thorough preparation for the unique vMMI format.

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Exemplar & Recent Interview Questions

Caring for Patients
Can you describe a situation where you cared for someone in a challenging situation?
What do you believe are the three most essential characteristics when caring for patients?
Tell us about a time you demonstrated compassion.
How would you handle a patient who refuses treatment?
How would you help a patient struggling with anxiety about a procedure?
Discuss a situation where you had to advocate for someone else’s needs.
How would you provide care for a patient who cannot communicate their needs effectively?
How would you help a patient understand a complicated medical condition or treatment plan?
How would you balance the needs of an individual patient with the needs of other patients?
Can you discuss a situation where you prioritised the needs of others over your own?
How would you handle a situation where a patient’s request goes against medical advice?
What would you do if a patient’s family disagrees with a patient’s treatment wishes?
How would you approach a situation where a patient’s cultural beliefs conflict with their medical needs?
Describe a time when you made a difficult decision in the best interest of someone you were caring for.

Lifelong Learning
How do you approach learning something new?
Can you provide an example of when you identified a weakness in your knowledge and worked to improve it?
How would you keep up-to-date with the latest medical research?
What strategies do you use to learn from your mistakes?
How do you plan on continuing your education after completing your degree?
Why do you think lifelong learning is important in medicine?

What does professionalism in medicine mean to you?
How would you handle a situation where a colleague behaved unprofessionally?
Can you describe a time when you maintained professionalism in a stressful situation?
Discuss an instance where you had to maintain confidentiality.
How would you address a mistake you made with a patient?
What steps would you take to maintain professional boundaries with your patients?

Teamwork and Working with Others
Describe a situation where you had to work closely with someone whose personality was different from yours.
A colleague often makes mistakes that might harm patients. How would you approach this situation?
Can you think of a situation when you had to make a compromise within a team in order to succeed?
Describe a situation where your team disagreed on the approach to a task. How was it resolved?
How would you handle disagreements within your medical team?
Discuss a time when you contributed to a successful team outcome.
How do you deal with a team member who isn’t contributing equally?
What role do you usually take on a team and why?
Can you provide an example of a time you had to give or receive constructive feedback in a team setting?

Brunel Medical School Medicine Interview Questions

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