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The landscape of medicine is changing with newly identified challenges and tools to face them. It is this application of innovative science to people, that inspires me to study medicine. People expect a better quality of life and level of care and what further motivates me is the ability to deliver this in supporting a variety of individuals and families, especially those I have seen in vulnerable circumstances.

My experience at a GP surgery highlighted the importance of primary care and its role within the NHS. Observing a consultation with the duty doctor, I noticed how he addressed both the physical and emotional needs of a patient who had experienced an ectopic pregnancy. He considered both the disease, i.e. from a biomedical perspective, and the illness (the patient’s perspective).  My work experience at [insert name] Hospital also exposed me to the breadth of career paths in medicine, as I saw doctors working in different settings such as MAU, surgery, and clinic, and how each of these rely on effective team work. Moreover, watching a mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction gave me an insight into a specific example of the dexterity required in surgery and encouraged me to gain a greater understanding of the physical and ethical challenges involved in the surgical speciality by reading ‘Do No Harm’ by Henry Marsh. In addition, shadowing a junior doctor on the MAU gave me a greater appreciation of the skills required to reassure patients, such as kneeling to speak to them and adopting a supportive tone.

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In parallel to seeing these elements in a clinical environment, I have been developing the attributes required for work in a caring setting. Weekly visits to [insert name] care home have increased my skill in communicating in a professional context, comforting the residents when they felt confused or agitated, whilst appreciating the required detachment when working in palliative care. I am also a youth worker at [insert name], a charity for autistic young people. Here, I have learned to be empathetic and flexible to support the needs of different individuals within the group. Additionally, weekly volunteering with Beavers has allowed me to grow in confidence by engaging with enthusiastic younger children.

Throughout my time in school I have been able to establish a good work-life balance, pursuing my love of music, by working towards grade 8 clarinet, singing and being part of choirs and bands. My school leadership roles as a house and medic captain have ensured I manage time and delegate where necessary. In addition, working towards Gold Level D of E has allowed me to play a leading role in a team, problem solving and accepting responsibility for my decisions. Years of dance classes have shown me the rewards that come from dedication especially when I achieved my student teacher certification after working every Saturday with younger students. My four-week, self-fundraised World Challenge expedition to Malawi provided me with a more open-minded perspective about people in far less fortunate circumstances. During the trip I applied my communication skills when teaching children in a primary school despite the language barrier. When climbing Mt. Mulanje my strength and resilience was tested. I adapted quickly and recognized the need to accept physical and emotional support to be successful. Competing in the Chemistry Analyst Competition, in addition to being a STEM tutor, shows my enthusiasm for science beyond my A levels.

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In summary, these experiences have shown me that I have the qualities to be a successful doctor applying tenacity, patience and the ability to work under pressure. Working with children, the elderly and the disadvantaged has taught me that compassion is essential in the successful care of people and has cemented my desire to study medicine.

Moreover, I appreciate that University graduation will the not be the end of a medical and scientific education but only the beginning of my life in learning and caring.

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Please note, this personal statement has been provided for reference purposes only and should not be utilised or replicated. Any attempts at plagiarism will be detected by the automated UCAS plagiarism checker and the dedicated UCAS verification team.

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