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Overall Guide to Brighton College

Located in the vibrant coastal city of Brighton, Brighton College beckons students with a distinctive blend of academic rigour, creative opportunities and a forward-thinking ethos. This co-educational day and boarding school educates pupils aged 3 to 18, with its prep and pre-prep schools feeding into the senior school, thus ensuring a seamless academic journey.

Embracing a spirit of innovation, Brighton College provides a holistic education, nurturing the individuality of its pupils and preparing them for an ever-changing world. At the heart of its ethos is a commitment to academic excellence, fostering a love of learning and intellectual curiosity that extends beyond the classroom. The curriculum is balanced and broad, encompassing the arts, sciences, humanities, and more, preparing pupils for a wide range of A-levels and subsequent university courses.

Beyond the classroom, Brighton College’s commitment to co-curricular activities is evident in the wide array of clubs and societies on offer. From drama and music to sport and community service, students are encouraged to explore their interests and develop new ones, fostering a well-rounded, confident personality.

The facilities at Brighton College mirror its commitment to providing an enriching learning environment. State-of-the-art classrooms, a newly refurbished library, a dedicated art school, and top-tier sports facilities reflect the school’s dedication to fostering a passion for learning in all its forms.

Brighton College’s nurturing environment, combined with its rigorous academic program, produces confident, articulate and thoughtful young individuals prepared to make their mark on the world.

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Brighton College Ranking & Results

Brighton College ranked 9th in the UK for boarding schools by A Level results in the latest data, and 12th in the UK for GCSEs.

What is the admission process at Brighton College?

The admissions process for 11+ begins in Year 6. Registration should be complete at least a year before entry. Children are then invited for an Academic Assessment Day, which takes place early in December. Assessments cover Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. In January, children take part in the interview and activities day, which includes two short interviews with teaching staff.

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What kind of 11+ Interview questions are asked at Brighton College?

Hobbies and Interests

  • What hobbies or activities do you most enjoy in your free time?
  • Can you tell me about a personal project or interest that you’re particularly proud of?
  • How would you contribute to our extracurricular activities at Brighton College?
  • Do you enjoy sports? If so, which ones?
  • How does your interest or hobby help you in your day-to-day life?
    Have you ever started a hobby or club in your current school? If so, can you tell me about it?
  • How would you convince a friend to take up one of your hobbies or interests?
  • Have you ever had to overcome a challenge or hurdle in pursuing your hobby or interest?
  • If you had unlimited resources, what hobby would you like to explore and why?
  • Can you describe an experience where you have worked in a team, perhaps as part of a hobby or club?
  • Is there a specific skill you’ve learned from your hobbies that you think could be useful in a school setting?
  • How do your hobbies or interests relate to what you want to study or do in the future?


  • What career do you think about for yourself in the future?
  • How do you believe Brighton College can help you reach your goals?
  • Is there a particular field of study you’re currently interested in?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the next five years?
  • Can you share one of your dreams and what you are doing to achieve it?

Reading and Academic

  • What’s the last book you read, and what did you enjoy about it?
  • Can you tell me about a school project that you found challenging and how you dealt with it?
  • How do you manage your study time?
  • Are there any academic subjects you particularly enjoy or excel in?
  • How do you approach a difficult problem in your studies?

Motivation for Brighton College

  • What about Brighton College particularly appeals to you?
  • How do you feel Brighton College aligns with your academic and personal interests?
  • How do you think you can contribute to the Brighton College community?
  • What expectations do you have from Brighton College in supporting your future aspirations?
  • Can you share a particular aspect of Brighton College that you admire or relate with?

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