Boston University School of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The acceptance rate at Boston University School of Medicine is 5.75%. Of those accepted, 33.2% will take up their place. 111 students would be expected to enrol for the four year MD course, and 6 for the MD-PhD. The average GPA is 3.71 and average MCAT is 516. 18 students will also take on the BA-MD program program, and 9 the modular integrated curriculum.

Interview Format

According to Boston, as predicting success is an inexact process, they do their utmost to be confident in any decisions made. The interview is one-on-one and open file, in a traditional manner. You should be prepared for the interview to take over an hour. You should also expect to first sit a CASPer test which will seek to further determine your personal qualities.

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Key Dates

The school outlines that whilst students may apply from late June until November 1st, applying early is strongly recommended. The latest CASPer test accepted is October 28th. Interviews run from mid-September to mid-January

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Why did you choose to attend your undergraduate institution?
What do you think the biggest problem in healthcare today is?
What kind of medicine are you interested in?
How is the healthcare system like an ecosystem?
Who was your main role model in deciding on a career in medicine?
How will you use your educational background to make yourself a better physician?
Why do you want to be a doctor if your background is in engineering?
What qualities are you looking for in your medical education?
So tell me about your research.
Why do you think schizophrenics respond differently emotionally?
Why do you think no changes have been made yet with regards to health care coverage in America?
What are some of the risks of going into private practice versus working in a collaborative setting?
How did you come to medicine as a career choice?
How did you decide you wanted to go into medicine?
What are the most controversial issues in medicine today?
Tell me about your volunteer experience.
For whom and in what ways has your volunteering been supportive?
From where does your interest in medicine stem?
What do you think is one of the biggest problems in healthcare?

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Ethical Dilemmas

Can you think of an ethical dilemma and present the issues surrounding it to me?
State an ethical dilemma you were in and how you overcame this.
How do you deal with people who see 47% of the population as victims?
Let’s say you are an emergency psychiatrist. A patient, who may be HIV positive, reveals that he may not be using safe sex. His wife is sitting in the waiting room. What do you do?
Tell me about your experience volunteering in an ED.
There is a pregnant woman on life support, whose baby is in jeopardy and needs to be delivered. Her husband won’t agree, what do you do?
Should an orthopedic surgeon perform surgery on a patient with AIDs if she has a 10% chance of getting the disease?
What do you think about the new immigration laws in Arizona?
If you were leading a team of surgeons, and treated HIV patients, how would you respond if one of the doctors on your team refused to perform surgery on the patients?

What would you do if a child’s parents refused to vaccinate him?
Won’t you be feeding into a broken system by becoming a doctor?
Why are we pumping billions of dollars into foreign wars when we can not feed our school children?

General / Personal Statements

How do you show resilience?
Tell me about this specific activity that you did.
What is your greatest failure?
How are these three activities connected?
Describe your three most meaningful experiences.
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me who you are outside of class.
What do you like to do for fun?
Why did you choose these particular courses as an undergraduate?
Why did you keep up with your activities instead of dropping them after 6 months like most pre-meds?
How did you handle your immense responsibilities as an undergrad?
Tell me about you as a person… I know your file.
Tell me about someone important in your life.
Considering the great (and cheap) state schools available to you, why did you apply to BU?
What is your proudest moment?
What do you like to read?

Does your goal-oriented attitude make you competitive in nature?
What is your greatest success?

Boston University School of Medicine Interview Questions

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