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When booking your OET, you’ll need to consider a few things – principally, where can you book, when can you book, and what do you need in order to book?

OET Medicine Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Medicine Question bank features questions from UK doctors, as well as tutorials and techniques.

OET Nursing Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Nursing Question bank features questions from doctors and admissions specialists, with a range of tutorials.

OET Pharmacy Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Pharmacy Question bank features questions from UK doctors and pharmacists, with tutorials and tips.

Where to Book

You can perform the actual process of booking the test online – but you then need to consider where you will sit it. Navigate to the OET website and select ‘book’ – you will be presented with a choice of countries. Ideally, you’ll find that your country has an option for sitting the test on a date that makes sense for you. However, there’s a chance that this won’t be possible. In this instance, you’ll be directed to book ‘OET@Home,’ which is the computer version of the test rather than the paper version. You should thoroughly investigate whether this option is accepted by the organisation to which you are applying, as many will accept the paper OET only. If it is accepted, then check your system requirements, and if you meet them then you can book.

When to Book

There is normally a wide range of dates available on which to sit the OET. Typically you should expect two sittings per month, every month. The first sitting will cover the majority of allied health professions one month, and all allied health professions the month after. The second sitting will cover Nursing and Medicine only each month. You will need to book your test at least one month before you sit the test, and can book from a particular date well in advance of the testing season.

OET Test Resources & Tutoring

Find our 1-1 tutoring for OET Medicine and Nursing here. We also offer 1-1 tutoring for Pharmacy.

What you need to Book

You will need a digital passport photo, guidelines for which can be found on the OET site. You’ll need either a credit or debit card. You will need a valid form of identification – this can be either a valid passport that expires after your test date, or a valid form of national ID card (not a driver’s license). The ID must be in English and have your full name, photo and DOB. If you are an asylum seeker, you can find separate guidance on how to proceed in booking the test without a passport or a national form of identification.

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