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Why students and teachers choose our award winning BMAT Course?

Experience – At BlackStone Tutors, our Intensive BMAT Courses are conducted by our Medicine Application Specialists*. These highly experienced Oxbridge, Imperial & UCL qualified doctors and experienced medical students have not only successfully completed the BMAT examination, but also have substantial experience preparing students for this vitally important examination (further details below)

Exclusive Interview Insight – Benefit from the invaluable interview advice of a Medicine Interview Specialist from one the prestigious ‘Top 10 Medical Schools in the World’. Students attending our Intensive BMAT Courses in 2022 will have a unique opportunity to receive ​interview advice written by Medicine Interview Admissions Panelists. The final thirty minutes of each course will involve discussing the questions that students can expect to be asked as part of the medicine interview, the answers the very best candidates provide and most importantly, the criteria that students are assessed on. 

Live, Interactive Webinar – Our Intensive BMAT Courses provide you with the opportunity to prepare for your BMAT exam from the comfort of your own home. You will also receive post-course access to our Online BMAT Course (RRP; £99.00) allowing you to refresh and implement the techniques learnt during your Intensive Live BMAT Webinar Courses.

Quality Resources – As part of our ethos, we are committed to ensuring that we provide only the very best tuition experience. As such, our online BMAT resources are carefully tailored and of the highest quality. All course attendees are provided with invaluable advice and tips for each section, practice questions, mini-mock examinations to practice at home, BMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions: 2003-2019 (RRP: £19.99) as well as an unparalleled selection of BMAT Section three answer plans. A selection of past paper worked solutions and practice questions for Section 1 and Section 2 are available to attempt online.

Small groups – In order to maximise student participation and benefit, all intensive courses are classroom-based. The small groups combined with our interactive teaching style, not only assists students to digest new concepts but also provides a unique introduction into the PBL (Problem Based Learning) educational approach, used by numerous Medicine and Veterinary universities.

World-renowned – BlackStone Tutors BMAT courses have assisted innumerous students worldwide in countries ranging from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. 

15+ Hours of BMAT Preparation

Instant access to 100+ BMAT videos allowing you to prepare for the BMAT examination in your preferred location, at your preferred pace.​

100+ BMAT Preparation Videos
Updated For BMAT 2022
BMAT Practice Questions & Solutions
BMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions (2003 – 2019)

Award Winning BMAT Techniques

With 10+ years of BMAT experience, you will learn a range of our tried and tested BMAT techniques, including the following:

6 Step Approach To Critical Thinking
BMAT Section 2 Summary Tutorials
3, 4, 5 Approach To BMAT Section 3
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A Selection Of Our Award Winning BMAT Course Reviews:

Health Council (UK)
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An experienced BMAT provider with exceptional BMAT resources and unique BMAT techniques. Course tutors are experienced with consistently positive student feedback
Anjeline Joegi (Medicine Offer with academic scholarship consideration, Imperial College London)
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‘I’m absolutely ecstatic about my interview, I think that one of the reasons why I’ve been invited for interview is because of my BMAT essay score (4.5A) and I wouldn’t have received such a fantastic score without my BMAT tutor’s help. Furthermore, the resources that I received during the BMAT course were invaluable and excellent practice. Thank you once again!
Alice Sutton (Medicine Offer from Churchill College, Cambridge)
Read More
I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Dr Merali and the team for the BMAT insight. The exam (especially Section 3) went better than expected, so hopefully it will be enough to secure interviews. Will keep you updated, thanks again!
Sa-Bin Hong (Medicine Offer, Imperial College London)
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‘The quality of the (BMAT) course was excellent. I could see no points for improvement.’
Fatemah M (Four Medicine offers including academic scholarship at Imperial College London)
Read More
The course was unbelievably helpful! Not only with the mock papers provided but especially the tips and techniques made the exam so much more approachable.’
Anisha Mehta (Medical Student, University College London)
Read More
‘Went to both the UCAT and BMAT courses, and have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Also went to the coma bmat course where the teaching was in much larger groups. The only downside of the Blackstone course was having to travel two hours each way from Birmingham to London – well worth it in the end. Thanks for everything.’

Online BMAT Course Subscriptions

Online BMAT Course 2022
Access until 5th November 2022 (£99.00)

Online BMAT Course Extended Access
Access until 28th February 2023 (£149.00)

Online UCAT Course

UCAT Practice At Your Convenience

Instant access to our Online UCAT Course allowing you to prepare for the UCAT examination in your preferred location, at your preferred pace.​

10+ Hours of UCAT Preparation
40+ UCAT Preparation Videos
UCAT Practice Examinations
Award Winning UCAT Techniques
Updated for UCAT 2022

Trusted UCAT Techniques

With 10+ years of UCAT experience, you will learn a range of our tried and tested UCAT techniques, including the following:
Verbal Reasoning: SBA v T/F/CT
The 6 Dimensions of UCAT Decision Making
Quantitative Reasoning: Practice v Perfection
The 3 Step Approach to Abstract Reasoning & NASSSS
Situation Judgement: GMC Guidelines & Key Principlesa

UCAT Course Timetable

Our UCAT courses make every minute count. 

​​09:15 – 09:30    Course Registration and Introduction
09:30 – 10:30    Verbal Reasoning Tips, Techniques and Practice 
10:30 – 11:30    Quantitative Reasoning Tips, Techniques and Practice 
11:30 – 11:45    Morning Break
11:45 – 12:45    Abstract Reasoning Tips, Techniques and Practice
12:45 – 13:30    Lunch Break
13:30 – 14:30    Decision Making Tips, Techniques and Practice
14:30 – 15:30    Situational Judgement Tips, Techniques and Practice
15:30 – 16:00    Exclusive Medicine Application Advice and Insight
We know that you can practice UCAT questions in your own time; that’s why our courses are focused on teaching you a range of our tried and tested UCAT techniques, including the following:
Making the Most of Your UCAT Revision
UCAT Timings: Awareness & Preparedness
Verbal Reasoning: SBA v T/F/CT
The 6 Dimensions of UCAT Decision Making
Quantitative Reasoning: Practice v Perfection
The 3 Step Approach to Abstract Reasoning & NASSSS
Situation Judgement: GMC Guidelines & Key Principles

Technique Focused UCAT Courses

UCAT Course Reviews

Tom Dixon(UCAT Average - 770)
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'The (Bespoke UCAT) session with Josh went really well - he's a great tutor, and I'd certainly recommend him to other people seeking similar services.'
Bina McNamara
Read More
'The (Intensive UCAT) session was very useful. Sheikh is a very good tutor and explained everything in an understandable manner. He gave me some excellent tips on the exam.'
Prabhjot Malhotra(Medical Student, Hull York Medical School)
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'I would really like to thank you for all your help and guidance.....i'm sure that played a big part in causing my score to rise as compared to last years.'
Lucy Oliver(Medicine offer, University of Southampton)
Read More
'Just to say I'm very happy with my improved score in the UCAT today and grateful to Christine for her help.' 
St ChristophersCE High School
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​'Thank you so much for our excellent course. Abbas was extremely competent and professional as well as being very pleasant. He kept the students stimulated and challenged all day, with motivating advice and very useful strategies. An excellent day .. Thank you again.'
Jo-Anne Smithson (Parent of Alex Smithson; Medicine offer, University of Manchester)
Read More
'Alex found the (Bespoke UCAT) session very helpful. I think he’s still somewhat daunted by it all but Shyam did help him without a doubt. Please pass on our thanks to Shyam.'
Fatemah M (Four Medicine offers received; UCAT Average - 787)
Read More
'Abbas helped me gain so much confidence in the UCAT. His tips changed it from something which I was dreading into something which I knew I could do well in if I worked hard. Thank you for the guidance.'

Online UCAT Course Subscriptions

(Available Free With The Intensive (3 in 1) UCAT Course)

Online UCAT Course 2022
Access until 15th October 2022 (£99.00)

Online UCAT Course Extended Access
Access until 15th October 2023 (£149.00)​

Intensive BMAT Live Webinar Courses 2020

Overview: Live BMAT Webinar Course & Online BMAT Course Access
Time: 10:00 – 16:30
Format: Live, Interactive Webinar 
Cost: £150 

For further details about our BMAT Courses click here or to try a sample of our BMAT resources click here

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Click here for further details or email info@blackstonetutors.com to discuss availability.

Intensive BMAT Course

Comprehensive 5 in 1 Package with a Full Day Intensive BMAT Course, Online BMAT Course Access & Much More…

Online BMAT Course

Online BMAT Tutorials, Expert Techniques & BMAT Mock Examinations With Our Popular BMAT Portal

Private BMAT Tuition Image
Private BMAT Tuition

1-1 BMAT Support To Optimise Your BMAT Score & Convert Your Weakest BMAT Section To Your Strongest.

Bespoke BMAT Course

  • One to one full-day BMAT course (7 hours)
  • Full access to BlackStone Tutors BMAT resources
  • Unlimited BMAT Section 3 Essay Analysis 
  • Location and date of your convenience*
  • Tailored interview advice and insight from a university Medicine Interview Specialist
  • Cost: £895 

​*Please note. If you reside more than one hour outside Greater London, you may be required to commute to a mutually convenient location. Please email info@blackstonetutors.com for further details.

Interested in more than one service? Benefit from preferential availability and rates with our intensive, comprehensive and bespoke Medicine Application Packages

Optimise Your BMAT Performance

Learn time-efficient BMAT strategies and practice with reflective BMAT questions & worked solutions.

Intensive UCAT Live Webinar Courses 2020

Overview: UCAT Live Webinar Course & UCAT Online Course
Time: 09:30 – 16:00 
Format: Live Online, Interactive Webinar
Cost: £150 

Please note. A member of the BlackStone Tutors Team will contact you within 24 hours, with confirmation of your Intensive UCAT Course booking.

For further details about our UCAT Courses click here or to try a sample of our UCAT resources click here

Free BMAT Past Papers

For all the specimen and past papers including extra materials, we’ve provided links to the official BMAT website
(For access to 2003-2008 BMAT past papers, email info@blackstonetutors.com)

Specimen BMAT Papers

2009 BMAT Past Papers

2010 BMAT Past Papers

2011 BMAT Past Papers

2012 BMAT Past Papers

2013 BMAT Past Papers

2014 BMAT Past Papers

2015 BMAT Past Papers

2016 BMAT Past Papers

2017 BMAT Past Papers

BlackStone Tutors BMAT Course - Example Resources

Bespoke and Intensive BMAT Course attendees will be provided with our comprehensive BMAT resource pack which includes past paper worked solutions from 2008 – present, as well as additional mock examinations and practice questions. 

BlackStone Tutors BMAT Practice Questions and Mini-Mock Examinations

Medicine Application Courses and Past Papers

Intensive BMAT (5 in 1) Course

Private BMAT Tuition

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