BMAT Section 3 Vocabulary

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As the quality of language is assessed in the Section 3 essay, using the correct vocabulary and grammar is imperative. As many, if not most applicants taking the BMAT are doing Science subjects at A Level, many candidates do not have recent experience of writing essays. Thus it is important to do as many practice essays as possible, and ask for an English teacher, for example, to check the vocabulary and grammar. In terms of the content required for Section 3, there is no set list, however any reference to the 4 pillars of medical ethics (beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy and justice) will be favoured by the examiners.

BMAT Section 3 Mark Scheme - Quality of English

Band A
Good use of English
Good sentence structure
Good use of vocabulary
Sound use of grammar
Good spelling and punctuation
Few slips or errors

Band C
Reasonably clear use of English
There may be some weakness in the effectiveness of the English
Reasonably fluent/not difficult to read
Simple/unambiguous sentence structure
Fair range and appropriate use of vocabulary
Acceptable grammar
Reasonable spelling and punctuation
​Some slips/errors

Band E
​Rather weak use of English
Hesitant fluency/not easy to follow at times
Some flawed sentence structure/paragraphing
Limited range of vocabulary
Faulty grammar
Regular spelling/punctuation errors
​Regular and frequent slips or errors

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