BMAT Section 3​: The Complete Guide

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

​Maximum Score: 5A
1 Essay (Choice of 3)
30 Minutes

​BMAT Section 3 requires you to choose from a choice of three essay titles, completing a structured answer on an official BMAT Section 3 Answer Sheet, within a 30 minute timescale.

​BMAT Section 3 Essay Types

​Historically, each of the BMAT Section 3 essays will fall into one of the following categories, although this can vary from year to year:

Historical Quote/ Philosophy (eg. Voltaire, Darwin etc.)

The majority of prospective medical students select Medicine/Science or Ethics based questions, and this is completely understandable. It is important to select the question that you feel most comfortable answering, rather than attempting to excel at a potentially more challenging question as what you may view as challenging, other candidates may regard as much more straightforward.

We have divided the past BMAT Section 3 Questions by categories allowing you to trial questions from each grouping, in order to identify your strengths.

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​BMAT Section 3 Essay Structure

​Each essay will normally have three parts; these may be (although are not restricted to) the following:

Explain what you think the statement means.
Argue in favour of the statement.
To what extent do you agree with the statement?

Choosing Your BMAT Section 3 Essay

By completing a range of BMAT Section 3 practice essays, you will be obtain a better understanding of which of the three essay categories suits your strengths. Combining this background knowledge with a two minute assessment of the essay titles and importantly their sub-questions, should allow you to choose the most suitable BMAT essay within the first two minutes.

Further details BMAT Section 3 timings, and how to distribute the time effectively can be found in our BMAT Section 3 Tips.

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BMAT Section 3 Answer Sheet

Answers to BMAT Section 3 need to be completed on an official BMAT Section 3 answer sheet, which is equivalent to approximately two-thirds of an A4 page. Importantly, text written outside of the answer sheet borders is not scored and hence it is essential that all key information is included within the specified area.

In order to better understand the space available, we would strongly recommend that all BMAT Section 3 practice is completed on official BMAT Section 3 answer sheets.

BMAT Section 3 Knowledge

Whilst BMAT Section 3 does not test specific knowledge or topics, an awareness of a range of medical topics such as medical ethics, consent and the Hippocratic Oath can considerably improve your score. We have created a dedicated page of important section 3 knowledge, and for more detailed content, attend an Intensive BMAT Course or subscribe to the Online BMAT Course

BMAT Section 3 And Medical School Interviews

BMAT Section 3 essays are sent to your chosen medical schools along with your BMAT scores. This allows medical schools to ask you questions on your BMAT Section 3 essay during your medical school interviews. This is commonly the case at UCL, with other medical schools using the BMAT essays more sporadically.

As such, we would recommend that you write down all of your BMAT Section 3 Essay points after the BMAT exam, and prepare for questions that may arise from the points made. Common interview questions related to BMAT Section 3 include the following:

Can you summarise your BMAT Section 3 essay?
What changes would you make to your BMAT essay
If you were allowed to make one additional point, what would you add to your BMAT essay?
How would you explain…..to a lay individual

BMAT Section 3​: The Complete Guide

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