BMAT Section 3 Mark Scheme

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BMAT Section 3 Essays are marked by two examiners, with each examiner providing a score for quality of content (0 – 5) and quality of written English (A – E). 

The two scores are averaged to provide an overall score; however if the two examiners marks are more than one mark apart, the essay is marked for a third time, with the final mark checked by the Senior Assessment Manager.

With our uniquely effective approach to BMAT Section 3, we aim for all candidates attending a BlackStone Tutors Intensive BMAT Course
​to score a minimum of 4.0 B.

BMAT Section 3 Mark Scheme - Quality of Content

Score 1
An answer that has some bearing on the question but which does not address the question in the way demanded, is incoherent or unfocussed.

Score 2
An answer that addresses most of the components of the question and is arranged in a reasonably logical way. There may be significant elements of confusion in the argument. The candidate may misconstrue certain important aspects of the main proposition or its implication or may provide an unconvincing or weak counter proposition.

Score 3
A reasonably well-argued answer that addresses ALL aspects of the question, making reasonable use of the material provided and generating a reasonable counterproposition or argument. The argument is relatively rational. There may be some weakness in the force of the argument or the coherence of the ideas, or some aspect of the argument may have been overlooked.

Score 4
A good answer with few weaknesses. ALL aspects of the question are addressed, making good use of the material and generating a good counter proposition or argument. The argument is rational. Ideas are expressed and arranged in a coherent way, with a balanced consideration of the proposition and counter proposition.

Score 5
​An excellent answer with no significant weaknesses. ALL aspects of the question are addressed, making excellent use of the material and generating an excellent counter proposition or argument. The argument is cogent. Ideas are expressed in a clear and logical way, considering a breadth of relevant points and leading to a compelling synthesis or conclusion. 

BMAT Section 3 Mark Scheme - Quality of English

Band A
Good use of English
Good sentence structure
Good use of vocabulary
Sound use of grammar
Good spelling and punctuation
Few slips or errors

Band C
Reasonably clear use of English
There may be some weakness in the effectiveness of the English
Reasonably fluent/not difficult to read
Simple/unambiguous sentence structure
Fair range and appropriate use of vocabulary
Acceptable grammar
Reasonable spelling and punctuation
​Some slips/errors

Band E
​Rather weak use of English
Hesitant fluency/not easy to follow at times
Some flawed sentence structure/paragraphing
Limited range of vocabulary
Faulty grammar
Regular spelling/punctuation errors
​Regular and frequent slips or errors

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