BMAT Section 3 Knowledge

Essential Information To Score 5A

​In order to excel in BMAT Section 3, it is important to substantiate each of your points with appropriate medical and ethical knowledge. Whilst candidates should not try to boast regarding medical topics that would be expected of a doctor, an understanding of the following topics will help to improve your BMAT Score.

The Four Principles of Medical Ethics

Autonomy – Respect for the patient’s right to self-determination
Beneficence – The duty to ‘do good’
Non-Maleficence – The duty to not harm patients
Justice – To treat all people equally and equitably

Attend a BlackStone Tutors BMAT Course and we’ll explain how you can effectively apply these important principles to your BMAT Section 3 essays.

Hippocratic Oath

Do doctors have to swear by the Hippocratic Oath in order to practice Medicine in the UK?

​No, they don’t and there are good reasons for this which we will discuss as part of our BMAT Section 3 Preparation as well as highlighting four key areas from the Hippocratic Oath which you can use to advance your BMAT Section 3 points.

Current Medical Topics

Ensure that you read a wide range of broadsheet and reputable online health articles prior to your BMAT so that you have a comprehensive awareness of common medical topics that can be used to support your BMAT Section 3 Essay points. Alternatively, if you are attending a BlackStone Tutors Intensive BMAT Course, we will discuss a range of current medical topics in depth.

Consent & Capacity

Consent is an essential part of healthcare required at all stages from taking a history (implied consent) to completing complex surgeries (informed consent). Understanding the role of consent in healthcare as well as the different types is important in excelling in BMAT Section 3.

With regards to capacity, it is important to remember that capacity is time and decision specific (ie. A patient may be able to give capacity for one healthcare decision, however not have capacity to consent for an alternative decision). In order to be deemed to have capacity, one must be able to complete the following four steps:


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