BMAT Section 2 Tips & Techniques

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1) The only place to start....

BMAT Past Papers are your best friend for every part of the BMAT examination; past papers are freely available from 2003-Present providing ample practice opportunities . Make sure that they are the first resource you use, the last resource and many times throughout your preparation. Whilst the questions vary from year to year, the question styles, tricks and pitfalls repeat year on year.

2) Focus on areas of weakness....

So…you’ve been working away at the past papers, and it has become apparent that you’re not quite as strong at physics questions compared to biology questions. Worry not, whatever your areas of strength and weakness are, we’ve created the BMAT Past Paper Subject Guide allowing you to focus your preparation on areas where you need additional practice.

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3) To GCSE, or not to GCSE, that is the question?

Officially BMAT Section 2 is restricted to GCSE content. However, the chances are you will have to call upon some of your AS/A2 Level knowledge to answer a number of the questions. The reason being, BMAT are able to call upon any content covered by any of the GCSE exam boards (OCR, Edexcel, AQA, WJEC, CCEA). Hence, whilst other students may have covered a specific topic at GCSE level, you may not encounter the same topic until A-Levels (or even university..).

Rather than ploughing through GCSE specifications for the different exam boards, Cambridge Assessment have kindly created the BMAT Section 2 Assumed Subject Knowledge Guide. Ensure that you utilise this free resource, learning any topics that you are less familiar with.

4) Techniques for common BMAT Section 2 topics

Unfortunately, this one’s too good to share……Worry not, attend a BlackStone Tutors Intensive BMAT Course, Bespoke BMAT Course or In-School BMAT Course and you will learn all the necessary techniques for common BMAT Section 2 questions as well as receiving our 300 page BMAT Resource Guide.

5) Don't learn the answers, learn from the answers

Knowing the past paper answers isn’t enough, in fact it isn’t even a start. BMAT Past Paper questions are almost never repeated in subsequent years. However…..the techniques and question styles are repeated year on year. Hence, ensure that you use BMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions to understand the rational behind each of the answers and the most efficient techniques required to tackle each question type. So when the question style from 2003 is repeated this year, you won’t remember the 2003 answer, instead you’ll recall the technique required to obtain the correct answer.

6) Time aware....Time efficient

With 27 questions and only 30 minutes, BMAT Section 2 is extremely time pressured. Always keep in mind the ‘One Minute Rule’ (any question likely to take more than one minute, should be left until the end) and ensure that you always practice under timed conditions as this well help to make sure that you complete this vitally important section.

To assist you with efficient BMAT preparation, we have compiled a list of the essential BMAT Section 2 Preparation Resources in one place:

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