BMAT Section 1​

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

2 Components

Problem Solving
Critical Thinking

BMAT Section 1 Problem Solving

​These questions involve reasoning using numerical and spatial skills, and require application of one or more of the following skills:

Selecting Relevant Information
Recognising Analogous Cases
Applying Appropriate Procedures

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BMAT Problem Solving Tips & Advice

These questions vary in difficulty, and it is important not to panic when faced with more challenging questions. Instead:

Highlight/underline key information
Display key information in a diagrammatic form
Exclude irrelevant and inaccurate answers
Attempt one calculation at a time (even if this does not directly lead to the answer)

Due to the varied requirements in these questions, it is often difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, many different approaches can result in the same correct answer. Hence, make the most of the information provided and as you use this information, more avenues will appear, helping you to reach the correct answer.
Separate information provided from information known, ensuring that you do not distort your understanding of the question by utilising pre-existing knowledge that you may have prior to attempting the questions.

Understanding Arguments (Critical Thinking)

These questions require you to read a passage in order to select a statement which best reflects one of the following:

Intermediate Conclusion
Parallel Reason

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BMAT Critical Thinking Tips & Advice

The 6 Step Approach to Critical Thinking
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Always Consider the Conclusion
Whether being asked to identify a strength or flaw, keep in mind that you are not looking for a general strength or flaw in the passage, instead you are searching for a strength/flaw in the conclusion.

Conclusion v Intermediate Conclusion
Many passages will have a conclusion as well as intermediate conclusion(s). It is essential to be able to differentiate between these, and not assume that an intermediate conclusion will be in the middle of the passage, with the conclusion in the final paragraph. Attend a BlackStone Tutors BMAT Course, and you’ll learn essential information to differentiate between these two important descriptors.

Additional Practice
There are a range of additional practice resources to help you improve your Critical Thinking Score; review our BMAT Section 1 Tips & Techniques for further details.

BMAT Section 1​

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