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​In BMAT Sections 1 and 2, each question is worth 1 mark (Section 1 has 32 multiple choice questions (previously 35), and Section 2 has 27 multiple choice questions). The raw marks from these sections are converted into a score from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest), allowing marks to be compared between candidates. In section 3, the writing task is marked by two different examiners. Each examiner will give one score on the quality of content (from 0-5, with 5 being the highest), and one on the quality of English (using the scale A, C or E, with A being the best). The scores given by these 2 examiners are then combined to give an overall mark; for example, if one examiner gives a score of 3C, and the other gives 3A, the overall mark would be 3B. Alternatively, if the marks 4A and 5A are given, the overall mark would be 4.5A. 

The following score conversions are based on Official BMAT Publications, historical scoring as well as our BMAT experience. Please note, exact BMAT conversion scores will vary from year to year based on test difficulty.

​BMAT Section 1 Score Conversion

BMAT Section 2 Score Conversion

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