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​With numerous UCAT Course providers, we know that choosing the best UCAT Course can be a challenge!
There are 4 key factors to consider when choosing a UCAT Course:


There are two aspects to consider; facilitator experience and course experience. Ensure that any course you are considering is an experienced UCAT provider (rather than a ‘Summer Project Course’) conducted by experienced medical students and doctors rather than first year medical students or sixth form teachers who have never previously taken the UCAT.

All BlackStone Tutors UCAT courses are conducted by experienced medical students and doctors who have not only scored highly on the UCAT, but also have in excess of 100 years combined UCAT preparation experience.


UCAT Resource guides should include a combination of practice questions, mock examinations and most importantly, trusted tips & techniques. The BlackStone Tutors 300+ page UCAT resource guide is one example of an appropriate resource which complements the Official UCAT practice to maximise your UCAT score.

Group Size

Avoid any courses which do not offer a classroom based setting. UCAT courses are generally very intensive, and amongst a larger (theatre) group it can be very easy to lose concentration and miss out on valuable techniques. Additionally, the interactive nature of classroom based courses and ease of asking questions at any point, make this setting absolutely essential.

Personal Factors

Let’s not forget the most important person in all of this; you! Every hour spent travelling to a UCAT Course is an hour that could be spent revising. In the event that one of our group courses are not available near you, feel free to check out our In-School courses which can be arranged throughout the United Kingdom, Europe & Far East.
We would love for you to join us at one of our UCAT courses, however should these not be available or convenient, we would equally recommend that you consider another reputable UCAT provider to maximise the efficiency of your revision and optimise your UCAT score.
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