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We’ve already covered some core revision approaches elsewhere. Here, we focus on some additional ways of getting ahead.

Educational Podcasts and Webinars

  • Podcasts on Physics can be a valuable resource for reinforcing learning while on the move. They often feature discussions on complex concepts, interviews with physicists, and insights into cutting-edge research.
  • Webinars and Online Lectures hosted by universities or educational organizations offer in-depth exploration of specific topics. These sessions can provide clarity on difficult concepts and expose you to real-world applications of physics.

Actionable Tip: Integrate podcasts into your daily routine, such as during commutes or workout sessions. Attend webinars related to your syllabus topics, making notes on key insights and how they apply to what you’ve learned.

Past Paper Support

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Resources & Articles

Find a Range of A Level Physics Resources, Including Past Papers and Common Questions.

Study Groups and Peer Learning

  • Study Groups can be incredibly effective for deepening your understanding of physics. Discussing topics with peers allows for the exchange of ideas, clarification of doubts, and exposure to different problem-solving approaches.
  • Peer Teaching is another powerful method where you explain concepts to your classmates. Teaching a topic can reinforce your own understanding and highlight areas that need further revision.

Actionable Tip: Organize weekly study group sessions focusing on different topics. Prepare by reviewing the material and come with questions or concepts to discuss. Try teaching a topic to the group and encourage others to do the same.

Examiner Reports

  • Examiner Reports provide a unique perspective on common student mistakes, areas for improvement, and what examiners are specifically looking for in answers. Reviewing these reports can give you an edge in understanding how to secure higher marks.

Actionable Tip: Schedule regular sessions for past paper practice, followed by a review of examiner reports for those papers. This approach will help you identify patterns in questions, refine your answering strategies, and avoid common pitfalls.

A Level Physics Preparation

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Concise Revision Guides

  • Revision Guides like those from CGP are specifically designed to complement your learning with summaries, hints, and tips tailored to the A Level Physics syllabus of each exam board. They offer a more digestible format, making complex topics easier to grasp and revise.

Actionable Tip: Use revision guides for quick recaps or when you’re short on time. Pairing detailed study with concise review can enhance retention and understanding.

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