Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson) Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

Arizona is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of just 1.9%. The average GPA is 3.72, and the vast majority of students are from the state, with 60.2% of the last entering class being in-state applicants.

Interview Format

Arizona uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) format, in which applicants rotate through a series of stations, and in which you will meet individually with an interviewer at each station. Each station lasts for seven minutes, with a two minute break between the stations. Stations take place in a quiet area or small room. Each station will consist of a prompt that you must address, which you can consider for the two minutes’ break before you enter the room. The entire MMI lasts for around 60 minutes, although the interview process and tour itself will last most of the day, with the interview being part of a larger ‘Applicant Visit Day’ in which applicants can find out about the university.

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Key Dates

Applications may first be submitted on May 27th 2021. November 15th is the primary application deadline. Interviews run from August through to March. Decisions are given from October until April.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
How do you feel about the HCR?
How have you and your spouse prepared for your entrance into medical school on a personal level?
How do you feel the role of a physician ties into the community?
Give me an example of altruism from your clinical experiences.
Tell me about your research and how it relates to Medicine.
Many medical students enter school with these great ideals and then lose sight of those ideals after getting bogged down by classwork. How will you follow through with your ideals and make sure they become realities during school?
What problems do you foresee you will have as a doctor that other professions will not have?
Why are you interested in Arizona?
With what populations do you want to practice medicine?
Explain any difficulties you may foresee in becoming a physician.
Why did you decide to enter medicine instead of becoming a nurse practitioner?
Why MD? Why not RN, nurse practitioner, or PhD?
Describe your clinical experience.
What specialty would you like to pursue?
Why did you choose medicine over research?
Tell me about your most memorable patient.
What medical advances do you think we’ll see in the next 10 years and how will you contribute to them?
What is the hardest thing you envision having to deal with as a physician?
Why do you wish to become a doctor?
Describe how you view your life as a doctor- give me an example of one day.
What is your motivation for applying to med school?
What got you interested in medicine in the beginning?
Why did you choose a career in medicine?

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Ethical Dilemmas

Describe a time when you thought it was better to be dishonest than to tell the truth.
Is it fair to criticize someone for being overweight when they should be a proponent of health?
What are your feelings on the very near possibility for parents to be able to ”pick” their children (i.e. control over genetics)?

Communication Stations

Have you ever had any difficulties communicating with anyone?

Teamwork Tasks

What 3 qualities are most important in a leader?
Describe a situation where you were a leader in a group, and you had to deal with people not doing their part. How did you deal with it?
Do you participate in any group activities?

General / Personal Statements

Where else have you interviewed?
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me about your family, and yourself.
Why did you choose the schools you did (for undergrad and grad school)?

Tell me about your school experiences from high school until now?
Tell me about your: clinical experience, leadership experience, and research experience.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Tell me about your hobbies. What are your other hobbies? Do you have more hobbies?
What three adjectives describe you?
Do you think that your engineering major has put you at a disadvantage when it comes to material of the basic science courses?
What would your friends say are three of your greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?

Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson) Interview Questions

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