Applying for Medicine in 2022: Overview of the Timeline

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The timeline for a Medicine application is the same from year to year, although the dates will change of course. Each year, you’ll find the order of events something like this:

– UCAS applications open
– UCAT registration opens
– Summer: Sit your UCAT if applicable, receive A Level results
– September or November: Sit your BMAT if applicable
– Late November onwards: Interviews begin

In 2022, UCAT registration opens on the 2nd June, and you can book from the 20th June. Remember that UCAT nursery arrangements can be made from the 2nd of June. We highly recommend that you book early. The UCAT testing period begins on the 11th July and ends on the 29th September. We recommend that you book the test during the summer, so that you can revise without school work interfering. Towards the end of August is typically seen as a good choice of date.

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The UCAS application deadline is the 15th October 2022. You should submit in advance of this date and ensure that you begin work on your personal statement comfortably before the deadline.

UCAS information will then be relayed to universities around the beginning of November.

The BMAT has only one sitting in 2022, in November. This is vital to be aware of, as students are used to sitting it in September as well.

After the UCAT and BMAT have been sat by all students, and UCAS applications have made their way to universities, then admissions tutors will begin to shortlist candidates for interview. The earliest that you can generally expect an interview invitation is mid to late November. Different universities will run very different schedules – Oxford and Cambridge, for example, will interview from late November into December, whilst other universities may interview some students as late as March or even April. 

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Medicine Applications 2022: Staying Organised

Ensure that you check the relevant sites for updated information throughout the year, and that you plan ahead. Book your UCAT early and at a time when it won’t interfere with other work, as far as possible. Research the universities you are applying to well in advance, understand which entrance tests they require, and gauge when they are likely to begin interviewing students.

Applying for Medicine in 2022: Overview of the Timeline

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