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Anglia Ruskin Medicine Interview Format (Historically)

The Anglia Ruskin Medical School interview consists of 8 MMI stations, with each station lasting 7 minutes.  Candidates are scored in three domains on each station, and the scores added together. The three domains include:

1) Communication and interpersonal skills
2) Initiative and problem solving
3) Personal integrity and moral reasoning

Each domain is marked out of five, so each MMI station carries a maximum score of 15. The maximum score across eight stations is 120. ​

Skills that will be tested: 
– Communication skills
– Critical thinking
– Moral reasoning
– Teamwork and leadership
– Empathy
– Problem solving
– Interpersonal skills

Anglia Ruskin Medicine Key Application & Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Percentage of Candidates Interviewed
Percentage Of Candidates Interviewed
Interviewee Success Rate
Interviewee Success Rate

Key Tips

  • When you enter each station walk in confidently, smile and introduce yourself!
  • Make sure you make good eye contact throughout the station.
  • Each station is new and marked separately. You may feel a bit annoyed if a station did not go so well, but as soon as you walk out of that station forget all about it and read the instructions for the next one. Remember that you can still be successful when a few stations don’t go to plan.
  • You will usually have a minute outside each station to read instructions. Use that time to carefully read the instructions and if you have remaining time, brainstorm your answer.
  • When you get into the station and you don’t think you have fully understood the instructions just ask to look at them again. It is better you do that than not answering the question.
  • Just stay calm and positive throughout the interview. You’ll be fine and might even enjoy it in the end!
  • Additionally, have a look at the Blackstone Tutors MMI Question Bank for example questions and MMI Techniques to prepare for the interview.

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Anglia Ruskin Medicine Past MMI Stations & Interview Questions

General/Personal Statement Station: These stations include the standard, traditional interview questions that you can expect at most Medical School interviews. They centre around you, your experiences and your motivation to study medicine. The questions may be centred on:

  • Your personal statement
  • Hobbies, interests and extra-curricular activities
  • Why ARU? (research the university life, societies and course structure)
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Things you have learnt on placement or work experience
  • Volunteering experience
  • Non-academic interests
  • Interpersonal skills: teamwork, communication, leadership, etc. (It is useful to have anecdotal examples exemplifying these fundamental skills as they can be useful for any medical school interview) 

Motivation and Insight into Medicine: This station determines your interest and passion for medicine. Questions may relate to:

  • Why you chose medicine?
  • Your knowledge and opinions on medical current affairs?
  • The structure of the NHS

(Although the interviewers probably don’t expect you to have a lot of knowledge about the local area, it might be worth having an overview of the epidemiology and awareness of  Essex healthcare, in order to impress them.) 

Discussion Based Stations: There will be a few stations where you will be required to discuss and put forward your own opinions on certain topics. These may include ethical scenarios, current affairs, or even unseen article titles. This may seem a bit daunting but as long as you justify your views, you will be fine. Important tips include:

  • Ensure that you know the 4 pillars of medical ethics and confidentiality.
  • Practice reading ethical scenarios and discussing your views with another person.
  • Read various news articles and then practice discussing these too.
  • Whenever you express your views or discuss an article, ensure you take into consideration both sides of the argument.
  • Don’t be afraid to state your own opinions, but make sure they are justified.

Role play Station: Candidate are often given a scenario and asked to work with the actor/helper to attempt to reach a solution. Specific Role Play Station examples and the 6 Stage of MMI Role Play can be found in the Online MMI Question Bank.  Past examples of role play stations have involved:

  • Communication stations: You will have to communicate and provide instructions to an actor for a certain task. For example, you have to explain how to tie shoelaces. This also tests your ability to deal with stress because the actor may intentionally not follow your instructions.
  • Breaking bad news stations.
  • Consoling and empathy stations

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MMI Question Bank

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Past Interview Questions

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