Ampleforth College 16+ Interview Questions and Answers

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Ampleforth College Overview

Ampleforth College offers a comprehensive Sixth Form A-level program, known for its excellent teaching and wide range of co-curricular activities. Each year, the school welcomes around 40 new students into Year 12, emphasising the development of well-rounded individuals in preparation for university life.

Ampleforth College 16+ Application Process & Interview Format

The admissions process for Year 12 entry at Ampleforth College is structured and thorough. It begins with registration, where parents need to complete a registration form and pay a non-refundable fee to secure a place for their child on the list for their year of entry. The school recommends that this registration be completed by the beginning of Year 11.

As part of the admissions process, Ampleforth College requires copies of the latest school reports and predicted GCSE grades. Generally, the school expects a minimum of 3 Grade 6s and 2 Grade 5s. For consideration into the Sixth Form, students will visit the school and have an interview with the Registrar, which can also be arranged virtually if needed.

Offers of places are typically made in December of Year 11, conditional on the required GCSE grades and a satisfactory Head’s reference. Upon acceptance of a place, a confirmation fee is payable.

Ampleforth College also holds a Sixth Form Information Morning for applicants and their parents, including an Options Fair, usually in November. This is followed by taster lessons in March of Year 11, providing an opportunity for applicants to experience life at Ampleforth and make informed decisions about their A-Level choices.

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Ampleforth College 16+ Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to join Ampleforth College?

I am eager to join Ampleforth College for its rich blend of academic rigour, spiritual development, and a wide range of extracurricular activities, set in the stunning landscape of North Yorkshire. The college’s ethos, deeply rooted in the Benedictine tradition, resonates with my desire for a holistic education that goes beyond academic achievement. I am particularly drawn to the school’s unique facilities, like the oldest purpose-built school theatre in the UK and the state-of-the-art sports pitches. As someone keen on drama, the prospect of performing in a theatre steeped in history is thrilling. The opportunity to engage in a variety of sports activities in such picturesque surroundings is also highly appealing. Additionally, the school’s commitment to nurturing a moral compass in its students is something I greatly value. This means I can develop not only intellectually but also spiritually and morally, preparing me well for life beyond school.

What do you know about the history of Ampleforth College?

Ampleforth College’s history is fascinating and unique, beginning in 1802 as a boys’ school established by Benedictine monks. The school’s evolution from its early days to a renowned Roman Catholic boarding school is intriguing. It’s interesting to learn how the school adapted and grew over the years, from the founding of the first boarding houses to the integration of coeducation in recent times. The college’s connection with historical figures and its role in films like Harry Potter add to its allure. Knowing that the college is situated on the grounds of Ampleforth Abbey, with its wooded areas and lakes, gives me a sense of the rich heritage and serene environment that I can look forward to being part of. The legacy of the school as the ‘Catholic Eton’ speaks volumes about its standing in providing quality education, which excites me about becoming part of its continuing story.

How do you plan to make the most of the opportunities at Ampleforth College?

At Ampleforth College, I plan to immerse myself fully in the wealth of opportunities available. Academically, I look forward to engaging with the diverse curriculum, aiming to excel in my studies and participate in intellectual debates and discussions. This means I can expand my knowledge while developing critical thinking skills. The college’s emphasis on spiritual growth aligns with my desire to deepen my understanding of my faith and values, and I am excited to participate in the spiritual activities and community service programs. The extensive extracurricular offerings, especially in drama and sports, are areas where I see myself actively participating. Performing in the historic theatre and competing on the sports fields will not only enhance my talents but also allow me to build strong team spirit and camaraderie. I am also eager to contribute to the house system, fostering a sense of community and taking on leadership roles. My aim is to fully embrace the Ampleforth experience, ensuring a balanced and enriching school life.

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Ampleforth College 16+ Interview Questions and Answers

Academic and Intellectual Curiosity

  • What subjects are you interested in pursuing at A-Level at Ampleforth College, and what draws you to these subjects?
  • Describe a topic or area of study that you have explored independently and what you learned from it.
  • How do you approach complex problems in your academic work?

Personal Development and Co-Curricular Engagement

  • Can you share an experience from your extracurricular activities that has significantly contributed to your personal growth?
  • Ampleforth College offers a range of activities including arts, music, and sports. Which of these activities interests you and why?
  • Discuss how you balance academic demands with other interests and hobbies.

Spiritual and Community Values

  • Ampleforth College is rooted in Benedictine values. How do you see yourself contributing to the spiritual and community life of the school?
  • Share an experience where you demonstrated empathy or compassion towards others.
  • How do you understand and practice qualities like resilience and integrity in your daily life?


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