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Alleyn's School Overview & Information

Alleyn’s School, located in Dulwich, London, is a co-educational independent day school that caters to students aged 4 to 18. It’s renowned for its balanced approach to education, focusing equally on academic excellence and co-curricular activities. The school, under the leadership of Headteacher Jane Lunnon, upholds a philosophy that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a wide range of artistic, sporting, and cultural activities. This holistic approach is designed to develop well-rounded individuals who are ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Alleyn's School 11+ Test Format

For the 11+ entrance exam, Alleyn’s School conducts its own written tests in early January, assessing students in English, Mathematics, and Reasoning. The English paper is a 40-minute creative writing task, where students read a prose fiction passage and write a creative response. The Mathematics paper, lasting 30 minutes, mainly covers the Key Stage 2 national curriculum with some extension questions. The Reasoning paper is a 45-minute test that includes verbal, non-verbal, and spatial reasoning, assessing students’ problem-solving abilities using words and abstract figures.

After the written assessments, candidates who perform well are invited for a group activity and a personal interview. This part of the admissions process is designed to understand the candidates’ interests and to see if they will be a good fit for the school’s environment.

Alleyn's School Ranking

Alleyn’s School is consistently rated as one of the top private schools in the UK. Under the leadership of Headteacher Jane Lunnon, who was named ‘Best Head of an Independent School’ by Tatler Schools in 2020, the school maintains a strong academic standing. In the national league tables, Alleyn’s is ranked 24th, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence.

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Alleyn's School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

Preparing for the 11+ entrance exam at Alleyn’s School requires a focused approach, as the school assesses candidates in English, Mathematics, and Reasoning. Each of these areas has specific demands that students need to be prepared for.

In the English component, which involves a 40-minute creative writing task, students are expected to demonstrate not only their understanding of a prose fiction passage but also their ability to continue the narrative in a creative and coherent manner. To excel in this, students should practise writing creative pieces regularly, focusing on developing a strong narrative voice, using imagery effectively, and ensuring grammatical accuracy. Reading a wide range of literature can also help improve their understanding of different writing styles and enhance their narrative skills.

The Mathematics paper, primarily based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, includes more challenging questions towards the end. Students should therefore have a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts such as arithmetic operations, basic algebra, geometry, and data handling. Regular practice with a variety of mathematical problems, including those that challenge their reasoning and problem-solving skills, is crucial. It’s also beneficial for students to work on time-bound exercises to improve their ability to complete questions efficiently under exam conditions.
The Reasoning test, a 45-minute assessment covering verbal, non-verbal, and spatial reasoning, requires students to solve problems using words and abstract figures. For verbal reasoning, activities like word puzzles, analogies, and sentence completion can be helpful. Non-verbal and spatial reasoning skills can be enhanced through pattern recognition exercises and spatial visualisation tasks.
For all these sections, familiarisation with the question formats and styles is essential. Using practice papers and engaging in exercises that cover the range of topics expected in the exam can help build confidence and competence. Additionally, maintaining a balanced study routine, with sufficient breaks and a focus on overall well-being, can aid in ensuring students are mentally prepared for the challenges of the exam.

Alleyn's School 11+ Success Rate

The exact success rate for the Alleyn’s School 11+ entrance exam is not publicly available. However, given the school’s strong academic reputation and its selective nature, it can be inferred that the admissions process is competitive. There were 150 places available in the latest intake.
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