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Aldenham School Overview & Information

Aldenham School has a rich history extending over 400 years, and stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Hertfordshire. Nestled within a sprawling 110-acre estate, enveloped by the lush green belt land and conveniently situated within the M25, close to major London airports, Aldenham offers a unique blend of traditional values and modern educational practices. This co-educational school caters to boys and girls aged 11-18, providing both boarding and day school options.

The Aldenham Foundation, which encompasses the school, has been committed to nurturing young minds since its inception. This commitment is evident in the wide range of educational establishments under its umbrella, including Aldenham Senior School, Aldenham Prep School (for boys and girls aged 5–11), Aldenham Nursery, St Hilda’s Prep School, and Bluebird Nursery. Each institution within the Foundation upholds the ethos of providing a caring, nurturing environment where quality learning and the fulfilment of individual needs are paramount.

At Aldenham School, the educational experience transcends academic learning. The school is dedicated to fostering an environment where pupils can express their individuality while engaging in a comprehensive program that emphasises both academic and social activities. This holistic approach is designed to cultivate valuable life skills, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. The school’s facilities and extensive grounds offer an ideal setting for this well-rounded educational journey.

Aldenham School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance examination at Aldenham School is a significant milestone for prospective students. Held in January of the year of entry for Year 6 pupils, the entrance test is a rigorous assessment designed to gauge the potential and academic prowess of each candidate. The examination comprises three primary components: Mathematics, English, and Reasoning. The Mathematics test is a 60-minute written examination, while the English test spans 45 minutes, also in a written format. The Reasoning component, though not detailed in the resources, is an integral part of the assessment.

The selection process for entry into Aldenham School is multifaceted. It involves a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s performance in these entrance tests, a reference from the child’s current school, and an interview with a senior member of staff. This interview may be conducted either before or after the entrance exams, depending on scheduling and the performance of the candidate in the test. The school emphasises the importance of not just academic excellence but also the personal qualities and potential of each student.

This selection process ensures that Aldenham School maintains its high standards of education and continues to foster a community of enthusiastic, well-rounded individuals. The school’s approach to selection and education reflects its commitment to excellence, ensuring that each student is well-equipped to thrive both academically and personally.

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Aldenham 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper

Maths Sample Paper

Aldenham School Ranking

Aldenham doesn’t appear in broader rankings, although its performance of 37% A/A* at GCSE and 28% A/A* at A Level is solid, rather than exceptional. It is important to recognise that the school’s commitment to providing an excellent all-around education is a defining aspect of its reputation. Aldenham School prides itself on balancing academic rigour with a broad range of extracurricular activities, helping students to develop not just intellectually but also socially and emotionally. This holistic approach to education is reflected in the school’s ethos and is a key factor in its standing as a respected educational institution.

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Aldenham School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The 11+ examination at Aldenham School covers Mathematics, English, and Reasoning. In Mathematics, students can expect to encounter a range of topics including Geometry, Number Patterns, Sequences, Word Problems, Algebra, and Statistics. The English paper typically assesses comprehension and writing skills, focusing on students’ ability to understand and analyse texts, as well as their proficiency in written expression. While the specific content of the Reasoning test was not detailed, it generally includes Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning components.

To excel in these tests, students should focus on developing a strong foundational knowledge in these subjects. Regular practice with past papers can be highly beneficial. It’s also important to develop time management skills, as the ability to work efficiently under time constraints is crucial in these examinations. Encouraging a habit of regular reading can greatly aid in improving language and comprehension skills for the English paper.


Aldenham School 11+ Success Rate

Aldenham does not publish data on the success rate for applicants.

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