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7 Bedford Row: Key Information

7BR is a distinguished, long-standing legal chamber known for its collegiality and excellence in legal advocacy. As a multi-disciplinary set, it spans diverse areas of legal practice including civil, criminal, and family litigation. Junior tenants at 7BR begin their career with a mixed practice, granting them comprehensive early advocacy experience. This broad base serves as a solid foundation for success in later specialisation. 7BR’s senior members and silks consistently participate in high-profile trials and appeals, asserting leadership within their respective fields.

The chambers express clear expectations for their pupils: dedication to the Bar and 7BR’s ethos, the intellectual and analytical capacity to address complex legal issues, and exceptional communication skills. Geographic flexibility is necessary, particularly for criminal work outside London, mainly in the Midlands. Prospective pupils are assessed on diverse criteria, including academic achievements, work experience, life experience, advocacy potential, presentation, and other unique qualities. 7BR’s commitment to anonymity and fairness during application marking is a notable feature.

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7 Bedford Row: Interview Information

7BR’s interview process comprises two rounds and is designed to rigorously evaluate applicants’ potential as outstanding advocates. The first round involves a 20-minute interview conducted by two members of Chambers. Candidates receive a legal problem in advance, which forms the basis for discussion during the interview.

Assessment focuses on communication, analytical ability, persuasion, resilience, teamwork, and determination.

From the first round, up to 12 candidates are shortlisted for the final interview. This stage lasts approximately 20 minutes, engaging six to eight members of Chambers from various practice areas. Candidates must present an argument on a topical issue to assess advocacy skills and quick thinking. The criteria for marking remain consistent, though adapted to the final interview’s context. Formal offers follow the completion of final interviews, reflecting 7BR’s commitment to nurturing highly motivated, hardworking pupils with a capacity for exceptional advocacy.

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7 Bedford Row Application Questions and Answers

Why do you believe you will make a good barrister? In your answer, please identify any relevant experiences or skills that you believe may help you in your career. 

My conviction that I will excel as a barrister stems from a combination of strong analytical skills, a proven track record in advocacy, and a keen sense of justice. Academically, I have excelled in legal analysis and research, developing a deep understanding of complex legal principles. My participation in [specific] moot courts and [specific] debating societies honed my ability to articulate persuasive arguments, a skill crucial for effective courtroom advocacy. Professionally, as a paralegal, I engaged in detailed legal drafting and client consultations, enhancing my communication skills and ability to understand different perspectives. My pro bono work, representing individuals in preliminary hearings, [include specific] further developed my empathy and commitment to justice. These experiences, combined with my resilience, ability to work under pressure, and dedication to continuous learning, form a solid foundation for a successful barristerial career.

Which areas of legal practice are you interested in and how does this inform your decision to apply to 7BR?

My interest in diverse legal practice areas, particularly in personal injury, clinical negligence, and family law, aligns perfectly with 7BR’s multidisciplinary approach. The dynamic nature of these fields, requiring a blend of technical knowledge and empathetic client interaction, resonates with my skills and professional interests. 7BR’s reputation for providing access to high-quality, varied work is particularly appealing. The opportunity to explore different areas before specialising allows for a comprehensive understanding of the law and its practical application. This aligns with my desire for a diverse and challenging legal career. Additionally, 7BR’s international practice and the chance to work on cross-jurisdictional cases is an exciting prospect that matches my aspirations for a dynamic and globally engaged legal career. The set’s common law basis and the prospect of handling cases that cross different legal domains offer a unique platform for professional growth and specialisation.

Apart from academic studies, which two experiences have most influenced you and why?

Firstly, volunteering at a [specific] legal aid clinic was a transformative experience. Representing marginalised clients provided real-world insights into the impact of legal decisions on individuals’ lives. It developed my ability to empathise with clients’ situations, a key attribute for a barrister. This experience cemented my commitment to justice and advocacy, shaping my approach to legal practice.

Secondly, my internship at [law firm specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence] was another defining experience. Working on complex cases, I learned the intricacies of these practice areas and the importance of attention to detail – like [specific case]. This experience developed my analytical skills and understanding of the practical application of law. It also highlighted the real-world consequences of legal proceedings, reinforcing my resolve to pursue a career where I can make a meaningful impact.

These experiences have profoundly influenced my perspective on law and justice, steering me towards a career at the Bar and contributing to my suitability for a set like 7BR, known for its diverse and impactful legal work.

7 Bedford Row Past and Example Interview Questions

Academic Achievements

  • Can you discuss your most significant academic achievement and its relevance to a career at the Bar?
  • How did your degree prepare you for legal practice?
  • Can you explain any exceptional circumstances that affected your academic performance?
  • What specific law courses have you taken, and how have they shaped your interest in advocacy?
  • How did you approach your Chambers-specific legal question during the application process?

Work Experience

  • What kind of legal or non-legal work experience have you acquired so far?
  • Can you provide an example of how your work experience has prepared you for life at the Bar?
  • What challenges did you face during your mini-pupillages, and how did you overcome them?
  • How have your student or community advisory service roles contributed to your professional growth?
  • Describe any relevant unpaid or voluntary work and its impact on your legal understanding.

Life Experience

  • How have your non-work activities shaped your character and ability to advocate?
  • Can you give an example of an experience that demonstrates your strength of character or leadership?
  • Tell us about a time when you showed initiative or motivation outside your work or academic life.
  • How have your non-academic achievements prepared you for the demands of life at the Bar?
  • Describe a unique personal achievement or a challenge you’ve overcome that illustrates your resilience.

Advocacy Potential

  • How have you developed your ability to communicate effectively and persuasively?
  • Can you provide examples of your experience in debating, mooting, or other persuasive activities?
  • How have non-traditional activities like acting or journalism shaped your advocacy skills?
  • Discuss a time when you had to present an argument persuasively, whether in school, work, or elsewhere.
  • What makes you believe that you have the potential to be an exceptional advocate?


  • How do you ensure that your communication, both oral and written, is clear, concise, and persuasive?
  • Provide an example where you had to present complex information in a focused and succinct way.
  • How would you handle presenting a case in front of a challenging or hostile audience?
  • How do you adapt your presentation style to different audiences, such as judges, clients, or colleagues?
  • Describe your strategy for preparing and delivering a legal argument to a panel of experts.

Other Unique Qualities

  • What exceptional features or contributions to the community set you apart from other candidates?
  • Describe any unique personal qualities that would add value to our Chambers.
  • How would you contribute to the diversity and culture of 7BR?
  • What innovative approaches or fresh perspectives would you bring to the practice of law?
  • How does your vision for your legal career align with the principles and practice areas of 7BR?

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