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42 Bedford Row: Key Information

1 King’s Bench W42 Bedford Row is a distinguished common law set in the UK, renowned for specialising in five core practice areas: Business and Property, Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury, Employment, Family, and Housing. With over 120 members, the Chambers represents a diverse clientele, including private clients, insurance firms, local governments, and public authorities. The recruitment emphasises candidates who possess exceptional intellectual ability, self-motivation, enthusiasm, and adept social skills that align with the Chambers’ broad-ranging practice areas. Pupillage at 42BR is designed to foster comprehensive legal acumen and practical experience, with the 12-month term split into two distinct phases. The first six months focus on shadowing, research, court attendance, and tailored exposure to areas of interest. During the latter six months, pupils engage in independent practice, actively appearing in court. The nurturing environment at 42BR, characterised by fairness in work distribution and supportive pupil supervisors, ensures that each pupil cultivates the necessary experience while maintaining a balanced work/life harmony.alk (1KBW) is a leading barristers’ chambers in London, renowned for its exceptional practice in family law. Pupillage at 1KBW offers an outstanding opportunity for aspiring barristers to gain practical experience in family law cases. The pupillage program is one year in duration, divided into two six-month periods. Trainees receive personalised training from senior barristers, exposure to high-profile cases, and support in developing essential advocacy skills. A commitment to excellence, robust analytical abilities, and a strong interest in family law are vital attributes for candidates. 1KBW seeks to foster new talents and offers an environment conducive to growth and success in the Family Bar.

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42 Bedford Row: Interview Information

42 Bedford Row conducts a two-stage interview process for selecting potential pupils. The initial interview is succinct, lasting only 10 minutes, focusing on the candidate’s current engagements and future ambitions. Legal knowledge is intentionally not assessed at this stage. A shortlisted group advances to the second-round interviews, which are lengthier and more in-depth, lasting around 30 minutes. Candidates are provided a topic to discuss with the panel, followed by ethical problems to evaluate and respond to, highlighting their analytical and problem-solving skills. The second round concludes with a segment for candidates to ask questions of the panel. This systematic and layered approach ensures that the candidates’ personal attributes, analytical capabilities, ethical considerations, and general understanding of the legal profession are comprehensively assessed.

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42 Bedford Row Application Questions and Answers

Why do you believe you will make a good barrister?

My aspiration to become a barrister in employment law is rooted in a strong foundation of legal knowledge, analytical skills, and a passion for workplace justice. I have excelled academically in employment law, demonstrating an ability to navigate complex legal frameworks and case law. My internships in legal settings have honed my skills in case preparation and client advocacy, particularly in issues like unfair dismissal and discrimination. My ability to empathize with clients, coupled with a meticulous approach to legal research, positions me well to represent a diverse range of employment cases. I thrive in environments that require critical thinking and robust argumentation, skills that are essential in employment law. Furthermore, my commitment to upholding fairness and equality in the workplace aligns perfectly with the ethos of employment law. I am dedicated to continually developing my legal acumen and staying abreast of evolving employment legislation and case law, ensuring I can provide the highest standard of representation.


Why do you want to join 42 Bedford Row?

I am drawn to 42 Bedford Row for its exceptional reputation in employment and family law, aligning with my professional interests and aspirations. The chambers’ work across a spectrum of employment law cases, from unfair dismissal to whistleblowing protection, offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. I am particularly impressed by 42BR’s strong relationships with leading employment law firms, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality work. The opportunity to work on complex children matters in the family team, along with the extensive expertise of the set’s KCs, is equally appealing. The supportive work culture at 42BR, including an emphasis on work-life balance and a collegial environment, resonates with my values. The chambers’ commitment to providing continuous training and development, along with the opportunity to engage in a variety of stimulating legal work, makes 42BR an ideal set for my career development. The diverse practice areas, coupled with the set’s focus on advocacy and practical experience, provide an excellent platform to develop a well-rounded legal practice.

Which practice areas are you interested in, and why?

My interests lie in employment law, family law, and personal injury, areas in which 42 Bedford Row excels. In employment law, I am drawn to the complexity of cases ranging from discrimination to whistleblowing. The dynamic nature of employment legislation and its direct impact on individuals’ livelihoods and workplace rights fascinates me. In family law, my interest is particularly piqued by children law, where sensitive handling and deep legal understanding are paramount. The challenging nature of these cases, often involving significant life changes for families, requires a combination of legal expertise and empathy. Personal injury and clinical negligence are also areas of interest, offering the opportunity to advocate for individuals who have suffered due to negligence, a cause that deeply resonates with my sense of justice. The diverse range of cases in these areas, from road traffic accidents to industrial disease, presents a variety of legal challenges that I am eager to tackle. My choice of these practice areas is motivated by a desire to engage in legally challenging and socially significant work, contributing positively to the legal profession and clients’ lives.

42 Bedford Row Past and Example Interview Questions

Discussion of a Legal Topic

  • Can you discuss the impact of recent changes in employment law on gig economy workers?
  • How do you see the role of GDPR in protecting consumer rights in the digital age?
  • What are your thoughts on the legal challenges facing renewable energy initiatives?
  • Can you discuss the intersection of family law and immigration in the context of international marriages?
  • How do recent reforms in housing law affect tenants’ rights?

Ethical Problems

  • How would you approach a situation where a client insists on pursuing a legally permissible but morally questionable action?
  • What ethical considerations would you weigh if asked to represent a corporation known for environmental violations?
  • How would you handle a conflict of interest that arises during a case?
  • Describe a situation where you might have to balance confidentiality against public interest.
  • How would you approach representing a client whose views you strongly disagree with?

Problem Solving

  • How would you approach a complex business litigation case with multiple international parties involved?
  • If given a short timeline to prepare for a high-profile case, how would you ensure readiness?
  • How would you navigate representing a client with limited financial resources?
  • How would you handle a situation where key evidence becomes unavailable shortly before trial?
  • Describe a creative legal strategy you might employ to protect a client’s intellectual property.


  • Analyse a recent Supreme Court ruling that has significantly impacted personal injury law.
  • Can you evaluate the legal implications of implementing AI in healthcare?
  • How would you analyse the risk factors in a major cross-border M&A transaction?
  • Analyse the effect of Brexit on UK’s international trade agreements.
  • How would you assess the legality of a controversial government policy?

Personal Attributes

  • Can you describe an experience that demonstrates your self-motivation and enthusiasm for law?
  • How have you handled failures or setbacks in your legal studies or career?
  • Can you provide an example of how you’ve demonstrated strong communication skills with diverse clients?
  • How have you balanced your studies, work, and personal life to succeed in your legal career?
  • What drives your interest in the specific practice areas offered at 42BR?

Understanding of the Profession

  • How do you envision the future of the legal profession, particularly in the areas of specialisation at 42BR?
  • Can you discuss the role of barristers in shaping social policy and legal reforms?
  • How do you perceive the relationship between solicitors and barristers within the UK legal system?
  • How do you keep up with current legal trends and continuous professional development?
  • What do you believe are the key challenges facing the legal profession today, and how would you address them?

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