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Have you ever faced particular difficulties whilst working in a team?

I faced particular difficulties whilst working as part of a team for a project in my final year of undergraduate studies. The teams were allotted randomly, and my team of four had two students who were highly unmotivated. It was vital to the team’s success that each team member put effort in, as we each had one domain that we had to handle – this was determined by the tutor. I was able to cover my own domain efficiently. However, I tried to organise check-ins where we worked together and updated each other, and the two less-motivated students did not attend. They also did not reply to messages. I therefore had to wait until our next seminar, which they did attend. I spoke to each student in private to ask them whether they were working on the project, and whether I could help them. It transpired that one student was having a very difficult time in their personal life, and I empathised with them. We were able to develop a plan together to deal with the situation. However, the other student was simply lacking motivation and made little effort to collaborate with me. I therefore asked them to speak to the tutor to explain that they were not inputting to the project. They refused. I therefore informed them that I would speak to the tutor on their behalf, as I had no other choice. I did this, and the tutor was understanding. We divided their domain up between the other three of us.

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When have you had a setback? How did you overcome this setback?

Whilst applying to university, I became very ill with pneumonia, after contracting a respiratory illness on an expedition. This was just before my A Levels. I spent more than a week in the hospital, and my recovery was relatively slow. This meant that I didn’t have enough time to revise. I therefore did not do as well in my AS Levels as I would have liked, although my performance was acceptable. This setback aggravated me, and the process for special consideration was slow. I therefore elected to resit all my exams, as well as taking the A Level exams, the next year. I worked incredibly hard all year, and was able to excel across the board. I was proud and happy to prove that I could achieve those marks. It showed me the importance of taking setbacks in one’s path and moving forward.

How can you demonstrate that you have resilience?

I demonstrated resilience in my first year of university, when I was involved in an RTA, which saw a car hit me whilst I walked down the road to a lecture. I was hospitalised, and left unable to walk for more than a month. I fell behind on my studies, and was angry at the driver who had left me in such a state and driven off without stopping. I realised that I would either continue to become more bitter and fall further behind on work, or I would turn this difficult experience to a positive one. I tried to reflect on how lucky I was that I had not been hurt more, and drove myself to work as hard as I could to catch up on university work. Looking back, I am now always able to use this experience to teach me that I can come through difficult experiences and become stronger.

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What has your journey been up to this point? How have you got to today?

My journey to this point has been perhaps a little unorthodox. I studied Medicine at Edinburgh, and graduated in 2018. After graduating, I founded a startup, and whilst running the startup became fascinated by the legal side of it, as much as the commercial side, especially after we received VC investment and had a portfolio manager who was a lawyer. I therefore set out to learn as much as possible about the world of law, spoke to trainees across a variety of firms, attended open days, and came to the realisation that studying Law as a postgrad, and taking a training contract at a commercial law firm in the City, was exactly what I wanted to do. I have worked hard over the last 12 months on improving my understanding of Law, as well as the firms that practise commercial law in the UK and the major types of clients that they might work for.

What qualities should lawyers have?

All lawyers will rely on certain attributes, or qualities. I believe that core amongst these attributes are being professional, being organised, being able to solve problems, having integrity, and being hard-working. Being professional should be apparent – it is a challenging vocation that requires excellent behaviour when interacting with clients, the firm, other firms, etc. In order to succeed, you will need to be organised, as there will be a significant amount of work, deadlines, meetings, etc. Problem-solving will see you able to work quickly and efficiently, and deal with issues as they arise. Integrity goes hand-in-hand with professionalism – you will need integrity to take on deals with clients and remain impartial, maintain confidentiality, not act on particular information, etc. Lastly, you will need to be hard-working – willing to put in long hours when required, and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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