13+ Interview Questions & Answers: Academic & School

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13+ Interview Questions and Answers: Academic & School

What do you think the most important scientific advancement of the last 100 years is?

I think the most important scientific advancement of the last 100 years is the discovery of penicillin. It was first found in 1928, by Alexander Fleming. Penicillin is an antibiotic, and after it began to be mass-produced it revolutionised healthcare. Now, people can be treated for bacterial infections simply and effectively.

Tell me about two important parts of our diet (types of food) and what their use is by our bodies.

Fats are useful for us as they provide us with energy and thus the ability to store energy ourselves. Protein is vital as it allows us to grow and repair cells – be that in building muscle or in our everyday lives. 

Can you tell me a bit about the different parts of the circulatory system?

The circulatory system is responsible for pumping blood around the body. It begins with the heart, which pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs, where it is oxygenated and returns to the heart. Then, blood is pumped around the body from the left side of the heart. Blood travels in veins to the heart, and in arteries from the heart. There are also capillaries, which are smaller blood vessels. 

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How is a polar bear adapted to life in the arctic?

A polar bear is a large animal with small ears and tail, which means that it has a relatively low body surface area to its weight and volume. Additionally, a polar bear has two layers of fur, preventing significant amounts of heat loss. As well as their fur, they have thick layers of fat, which serve to insulate them from the cold. Lastly, they have huge paws, which allows them to walk on thin ice. 

How would you estimate the number of cars in a large city? You can expand on what information you would want for your calculation.

I would first want to find the population of the city. Then, I’d look for a figure on the number of different households in the city, as well as looking at the number of people in each age group in the city. I’d also want to consider the socioeconomic status of the city, and factor this in. Then, I’d consider what the average number of cars per household is likely to be, ensure that I consider whether households are single family or more likely to be multi-generational, incorporate how well-off the city is, and then take use these factors to estimate the likely number of cars. 

If you have two ropes that each take an hour to burn, but don’t burn at the same rate, how would you measure 45 minutes?

You have to light one rope at both ends – this will ensure that it burns within the space of just half an hour. Then, when that rope has burnt, you immediately light the other end of the second rope. Given that it had burnt for half an hour, the time for it to now burn fully must be half an hour divided by two, which is 15 minutes. 

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13+ Interview Questions on Personal Views and English Literature

Do you think that free speech should be valued?

Yes, I think that free speech is very important. If we don’t have free speech, then we can’t speak up without fear of being punished. Free speech is very important for a democracy to be able to work. Individual people should be able to speak as they want, and say what they want online as well. Newspapers and magazines should also be able to print what they want. Of course, there are some limits to this – if someone is saying something truly hateful, then we need to consider whether this is acceptable. 

What is your favourite poem?

My favourite poem is If, by Rudyard Kipling. We studied it this year in school, and my English teacher inspired me with his own love of the poem. I believe that the poem touches on a particular part of British character – that we ought to be resilient, and have the famous ‘stiff upper lip’ of the past. Although attitudes have changed, I still believe the core of the poem remains true, and I find the way that it is written – as advice from father to son – to be very touching. 

What ways can you think of to make a story gripping?

There are many ways to make a story gripping, and no two stories will be the same. In particular, focusing on the pace and structure of the story will allow the reader to become involved in it and to follow it, and to understand as the story begins to increase in pace and then reach its end. Interesting characters will allow the reader to become invested in what happens to them. Good sentence structure will mean that someone can read the work easily and focus on the characters and themes. Themes allow someone to think about the work more deeply, which can in turn increase their involvement in it. 

Do you know who Shakespeare was? Can you tell me about one of his plays?

Yes, Shakespeare was an English playwright who lived from the 16th to the 17th centuries. He is responsible for creating some of the world’s best known plays, and for impacting the English language with many words and phrases that he originated. One of his most famous plays is Romeo and Juliet, which focuses on two ‘star-crossed lovers’ whose families are against their love. It is a tragedy, with both characters meeting an unfortunate end. 

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