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12 King’s Bench Walk: Key Information

12 King’s Bench Walk (12 KBW) is a prominent barristers’ chambers in the United Kingdom, known for its expertise in personal injury, clinical negligence, and employment law. Pupillage at 12 KBW offers an opportunity for aspiring barristers to immerse themselves in these specialisms through a well-structured one-year program, divided into two six-month periods. Under the guidance of experienced barristers, pupils engage in rigorous training that includes hands-on experience with real cases, in-depth legal research, drafting pleadings, and attending court. The chambers also focus on continuous professional development, with a variety of workshops, seminars, and networking events. Successful completion of the pupillage often leads to tenancy, offering a pathway to a thriving legal career. 12 KBW’s commitment to excellence, coupled with a supportive environment, makes it an appealing choice for those wishing to pursue a future in these areas of law.

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Interview Information

Pupillage selection at 12KBW begins with written applications made through the Pupillage Gateway and also uses the Rare Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) to evaluate achievements contextually, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of each candidate’s background. Following anonymized analysis of around 30 applications by members of the chambers, shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews. The interview process typically consists of two rounds: the first with a panel of four and the second before a larger panel. Selection is strictly based on merit, with close attention paid to academic and intellectual ability, communication and advocacy skills, motivation, commitment to a career at the Bar and pupillage at 12KBW, and other work/life experiences and achievements. This rigorous process ensures that 12KBW recruits the best candidates from all backgrounds, in alignment with their dedication to excellence.

Admissions Statistics

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12 KBW Application Questions and Answers

If you could have appeared as counsel in one case in the past few years, which one would it have been and why?

The case I would have chosen is “Mathieu v Hinds and Aviva Plc” from April 2022, a pivotal personal injury case with intricate legal and medical nuances. This case, involving a significant brain injury sustained by a Master’s student in Fine Art in a road traffic accident, exemplifies the challenges and complexities of personal injury law. The legal arguments revolved around substantial compensation claims, the intricacies of provisional damages related to potential future dementia, and the claimant’s approach to mitigating his loss. The case was critical in setting precedents for how brain injuries are quantified and compensated in personal injury law. The blend of medical understanding, empathy for the claimant’s artistic pursuits, and rigorous legal argumentation required makes it a quintessential case for showcasing a barrister’s skills in advocacy, negotiation, and understanding of nuanced legal principles

Why do you want to join our chambers? In your answer, please give reasons for your choice of chambers and explain why you are interested in our areas of practice.

My aspiration to join 12 King’s Bench Walk (12KBW) stems from its outstanding reputation and diverse expertise, particularly in personal injury, clinical negligence, and employment law. The set’s recognition as Personal Injury Set of the Year at the Chambers Bar Awards 2021 highlights its preeminence in this field. 12KBW’s strength in depth and ability to handle complex and significant cases across the UK and overseas align with my career goals. The set’s dual focus on claimant and defendant work, providing a balanced perspective, is especially appealing. Additionally, 12KBW’s recent achievements, such as its Band 1 ranking in Chambers UK Bar Guide for International Personal Injury, underscore its expertise in handling high-value catastrophic injury claims and its strong reputation in the travel sector. The opportunity to work in a chamber that is regularly involved in landmark cases and that values humanity, empathy, and understanding in dealing with clients resonates deeply with my professional ethos and aspirations.

What do you see as the challenges facing the Young Bar practising in personal injury over the immediate to short term future?

Young barristers in personal injury face multifaceted challenges. Key amongst these is financial strain due to the high cost of training and diminished legal aid, making it challenging for new entrants to sustain themselves in the initial years. Additionally, market forces and technological advancements are reshaping the legal landscape, requiring adaptability and a proficiency in new dispute resolution methods. Competition for a shrinking pool of publicly funded work intensifies the need for strategic practice building and effective financial management. Young barristers must balance maintaining a work-life balance with the demands of developing their careers, necessitating skills in time management and stress reduction. The ongoing evolution of legal practice areas also demands continuous learning and skill acquisition to stay relevant. These challenges require a holistic approach, combining legal acumen with business savvy and personal resilience

12 KBW Further Application Questions

What, in your view, has been the most significant legal decision in one of chambers’ core areas of practice in the last 12 months. Why?

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12 KBW Past and Example Interview Questions

Academic and Intellectual Ability:

  • Can you discuss a complex legal issue you’ve analysed in your studies?
  • How do you approach solving intricate legal problems?
  • Explain a recent legal case that significantly impacted personal injury law.
  • What is your method of staying abreast of legal developments?
  • Discuss a legal theory that you believe is particularly relevant today.
  • How would you apply your understanding of employment law to this hypothetical scenario?
  • Describe a time when you challenged a prevailing legal view.
  • Can you analyse this particular statute and explain its implications?
  • How have you applied legal knowledge outside of your academic studies?
  • Explain the importance of precedent in the areas of law practised by 12 KBW.

Communication and Advocacy Skills:

  • Describe an instance where you successfully persuaded a group or individual.
  • How do you prepare your oral arguments or presentations?
  • Explain how you would approach cross-examining a hostile witness.
  • What techniques do you employ to articulate complex legal concepts to non-lawyers?
  • Describe your process for drafting effective legal pleadings.
  • How do you handle unexpected challenges while speaking or presenting?
  • What methods do you use to ensure clarity in your written communication?
  • Explain how you build rapport and trust with clients.
  • How do you adapt your communication style for different audiences?
  • Discuss a situation where your communication made a difference in a legal context.

Evidence of Motivation, Commitment, and Capability Regarding Both a Career at the Bar and Pupillage at 12KBW:

  • Why do you want to pursue a career at the Bar, specifically at 12 KBW?
  • Describe how your interests align with the practice areas of 12 KBW.
  • How have you prepared yourself for the challenges of pupillage?
  • Explain how your previous experiences make you a fit for 12 KBW.
  • What steps have you taken to develop the skills necessary for success at the Bar?
  • Discuss your long-term goals and how pupillage at 12 KBW fits into them.
  • How do you plan to contribute to the community through your legal practice?
  • What unique attributes or perspectives would you bring to 12 KBW?
  • How do you plan to continue your professional development during pupillage?
  • Explain your understanding of 12 KBW’s mission and values, and how you align with them.

Other Work/Life Experience and Achievements:

  • Discuss a non-legal achievement that demonstrates your determination.
  • How have you balanced academic pursuits with other responsibilities or hobbies?
  • Describe a time when you faced a significant challenge and how you overcame it.
  • What leadership roles have you held, and how have they shaped you?
  • Discuss how your work or volunteer experience has contributed to your personal growth.
  • How have you handled failure or setbacks in your career or studies?
  • Explain how you’ve worked with diverse teams or individuals.

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